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Youtube Video: TRUTH UNITE: Democrat convention; Clinton Cash; Hillary emails and Russia;

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To The Cretins In Power!

 All you cretins who are in positions of power and influence in this world who believe that the world is
overpopulated and that all, what you call “useless eaters” should be exterminated by any and all means,
I have one statement for you and it is this “YOU FIRST” I would be more inclined to believe what you
say if you put your money where your mouth is and start with the problem “YOU” The problem I have with
you people is, it’s never you and your family it’s always everyone else and their family, what makes you so
special that you and yours are never included?.

Here’s my take “YOU ARE THE PROBLEM NOT THE MASSES”. You have been given a few centuries to
make this place fit for everyone to live in, YOU HAVE FAILED MISERABLY so now give it up you are all
useless eaters so put your money where your mouth is and VOLUNTEER TO GO FIRST, no!, I thought
not, cowards as well eh?

You are all total failures in everyone’s eyes except your own, to make you feel better you blame us for the
failure to do your job you were elected to do, you have brought the world to the brink of destruction with
intent and treachery to your brethren.

You could have fixed the problems and become hero’s but that was not the intent, we are now waiting
for your latest piece of treachery and that is the fall of all the worlds fiat currency, well bring it on you
cretins I’m bloody fed up with waiting, I think you will all rot in hell of your own making on this planet
a hell brought about by you cretins “ENJOY IT YOU DESERVE IT, SEE YOU THERE”

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Why?…because I am sick of

being lied to, being stolen from, being treated like a fool, being ignored, being taxed, being  photographed and surveilled, being deprived of my freedoms, being deprived of my rights, being coerced, being disenfranchised…

I am sick of the wars, the killing, the carpetbaggers, the dishonest politicians, the jobs for the boys, the sleaze, the corruption, the lack of a voice thats heard, the Liebore party , the
CON servantmasters, the Lib-Dumps, the imperialist american govt., the hipocrites in positions of power,the insider dealing, the banker w*nkers, the arrogant rich, the drug dealers, the ams sellers…

I am sick of the fact they let people starve to death, the lack of humanity in governments, the oppression, the division, the sheer greed of the ruling elites,being blamed for the destruction
of the earth, being blamed for global warming whilst being exploited for profit by energy companies…

I am sick of radiation poisoning, chemical coshes for the populations,Monsanto and its killing products, GM foodstuffs and genetically modified animals and humans…

I am sick of false flags, the murder of innocent civillians for profit,armament companies, the corporate nightmare, the officious police, the indifferent and corrupt court systems, the
passports, the scanners…

But most of all i am sick of being told that I live in a Democracy and that my ‘vote’ counts, for that is the biggest lie and deception ever perpetrated on the peoples of this world, a lie
which has led to genocide on a massive scale, a lie that has kept the third world poor and the people there in poverty and starvation…

Thats why I am here, I am hoping that the people of the world will get behind this initiative and join together to peacefully put these controlling psychopaths in their place by using the
only weapon we really have, namely the mass withdrawal of our support which will hit them in the only place which will hurt them, in their wallets! for all they care about is OUR MONEY…deny

them that and we deny them the air that they need to survive…

So JOIN US and let us change the world that we inhabit, join together no matter what race, religion or creed we may be of, put aside our minor differences and let them not be a source of
division they can use against us again, show them we know what and who they are as well as what and who we are, show them we know we are all human and we are all equal, show them we will not maim and kill our brothers and sisters ever again at their behest, show them that their days have ended and WE, THE PEOPLE will have PEACE IN OUR TIME and our time is NOW, and their time is finally OVER if we stand together!


Thank you Indy it is a great post straight from your heart and I really appreciate the sentiment.ost put on our forum by Indy who is the moderator for Wales in the United Kingdom. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

If you align with this heartfelf expression and you to are sick of it please consider joining the Global Non-Compliance Week and beyond and secondly if you have a twitter account please follow us on Twitter.

Thank you


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