Fee Schedule


Without Prejudice


I claim my right to use my Fee Schedule and hereby give lawful notice that this Fee Schedule will apply in regard to my lawful inalienable rights including but not limited to travel freely on our roads and highways as far as any transgressions by The State, including but not limited to police constables police (men/women or officers), government (principals or agents) or civil servants (e.g. those in the so called ‘justice system’) may be concerned and that my fees stated on this schedule for any such transgressions against my freedom under protest and duress are as follows:

Showing Identification

As a freeman under common law my word and oath are my bond.

I do not need to carry or show any form of identification as I am not a criminal. Although I no longer have a ‘person’ I still have in my possession documentation regarding that legal fiction. If stopped and forced to show any such obsolete documentation the charge will be:

One Thousand Pounds Sterling Silver Coin or Euro equivalent

Personal information

No personal information of any kind shall be passed to any third party unless explicit consent in writing is given:

One Thousand Pounds Stirling Silver Coin or Euro equivalent per piece of information.

Being Restricted

If stopped and from the moment of being so stopped (with the exception of being stopped by such an officer who has lawful just cause e.g. is seeking to protect me from harm or intends to arrest me for a common law offence i.e. where I have caused my fellow man injury or harm, loss or damage or have acted fraudulently against him), questioned, interrogated or in any way detained, harassed or otherwise regulated,

One Thousand Pounds Sterling Silver Coin/Hour or Euro equivalent

Unlawful Arrest

If arrested under anything other than a common law offence, and from the moment of any such arrest, handcuffing, transportation, incarceration or subjection to any adjudication  process without my express written and notarised consent,

Ten Thousand Pounds Sterling Silver Coin/Hour or Euro equivalent

Common Law Crimes

If any form of force is used against either myself or those under my care and protection whilst travelling as my private guests, whether or not but especially where it results in injury or harm to myself or such guests, damage or loss to our property, such as my privately owned, borrowed or hired private conveyance,

One Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling Silver Coin or Euro equivalent

(in addition to any compensation that may be awarded)

Before placing orders you must be aware that you have been given notice of these charges such that once the order has been made under your full commercial liability the above charges will apply

 I claim the right to amend this fee schedule at my discretion without due notice.

  1. #1 by Thomas on February 10, 2015 - 20:29

    this is fine and dandy but can ANYONE!!! show me proof that these types of notices actually tread water and work

    • #2 by cadmar1944 on March 7, 2015 - 22:19

      The only reason why it would not work is because there is no rule of law in the UK. They do not even follow their own rules.

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