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If you would like to demand answers from your bank right now, below is a list of questions that you can ask. If you are lucky enough to receive a response, read it carefully. You will notice that your questions will probably not be answered directly. Click here for a list of contact details.

  1. Am I indebted to the bank right now? (Please answer yes or no).
  2. Please confirm that the bank actually possessed the money they claim to have lent me, prior to my loan being granted. In other words, did the bank physically have the money they lent me, prior to the money appearing in my account?
  3. Would the bank be prepared to amend the credit agreement as follows: “We, the bank, did in fact possess the money we loaned you, prior to the loan being approved.”
  4. Was the loan funded by assets belonging to the bank at the time the loan was granted? Either way, please describe in detail the accounting process used to create my loan.
  5. Did the bank record my promissory note / negotiable instrument as an asset on its books? If yes, how was my instrument used to create my loan, and where is my valuable promissory note / negotiable instrument now?
  6. Does the bank participate in a securitisation scheme whereby debts / promissory notes are bundled and then sold-on to a third party/parties via special purpose vehicles, entities or alike processes?
  7. Was my loan securitised? If so, please send me all details regarding the securitisation.
  8. Does the bank have a legal right to collect money it claims I owe it? If so, then were does this legal right come from, assuming the loan has been securitised?
  9. Has my loan with the bank been settled by a special purpose vehicle, insurance policy, or by any other party?
  10. Regarding the security given to the bank by me, has this security been sold on or given as security to another.

Source of These Questions – Please Read The Full Article.

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Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails-Climate Researcher Dane Wigington on GeoEngineering – HD


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The Critical Mass Radio Time to take Action Conference 2012

Hi People,

The Critical Mass Radio Time to take Action Conference 2012 is only a couple of weeks away and we want to really start the ball rolling.  Please ensure you tell all your contacts about the conference even if you can’t make it yourselves.  This is a great opportunity to put the North West on the map and to show that we really are blessed with the Pro-Active people we have in our region.

A New Promotional video is here to help you spread the word.

The Critical Mass Radio Time to take Action Conference 2012
Saturday 24th November 2012 – 11am to 9pm
The Britannia Country House Hotel
Palantine Road
Manchester M20 2WG

£10 on the door or pay by PayPal at

The Truth Comes to Manchester!! Sponsored by

Saturday 24th November 2012 will see a conference held in Manchester bringing together various speakers from around the country exposing the lies and deceit of a system that is holding the people of this nation, and the rest of the globe, in enslavement and controlling them with wars, terror, debt and manipulation.

From false flag terror attacks like the great deceptions of September 11th and the 7/7 London bombings to Bank bailouts that have put us, our children and their children in eternal debt servitude to the Bloodline families that run the usurious banking system. From the Council Tax fraud to Statute Law replacing natural Common Law and from language manipulation to the great UFO deception – This conference seeks the TRUTH and real SOLUTIONS!!!

The hidden Rulers of the World have a final solution for Humanity – A Mass Culling of up to 5.5 billion people and total slavery for the few remaining. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!!!

Never before will the people of Manchester have had a chance to hear the reality of their enslavement and listen to genuine solutions to remedy mankind of the evil humanity faces. A unique opportunity to listen to speakers from all walks of life. Speakers free of the dogmatic Left/Right paradigms with which so many so called thinking people are blinkered with.

Time is running out for the peoples of this planet – IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

Critical Mass Radio in association with WeAreChange Manchester and Freedom North West

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