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Pet Cancer

Man's Best Friends

Man's Best Friends

I have just read a very interesting blog post By Robert Hart over at called and I quote “Your cat has cancer but you can’t afford the expensive treatment” Robert’s analysis of the problem is most likely bang on the money and I hope I can offer another treatment that goes hand in hand with what Robert describes.

We have been conditioned over many years to think that the curing and healing of our diseases are extremely complicated and we have to rely on the health care providers to diagnose, proscribe medicines and treat the problem . There is also a very protective shield around this very lucrative business which has the power to make life a living hell if any medical practitioner try’ s to break out of the system and really do some proper preventative medicine.

I have no reason to believe that the Veterinary system is any better than the human system, as it too is a very lucrative line of work and probably will not take kindly to alternative ways of making our pets healthier by using natural substances which are still available, but are being pressurised to cease by the health care protection systems of each Country as they all work together to make sure that they keep earning the big money.

There is an easier and more organic and greatly more effective way to cure what ails your cat or dog and which will also  maintain their good health.

There is a protocol called “Best Practice” used by the health industry, this protocol  uses the scientific method of evidence, but this method is flawed. All scientific experiments are subject to confirmation bias to a certain extent. The confirmation bias is an unfair influence in scientific research, because when a researcher expects a certain result, he or she unconsciously manipulates the experiment in order to find that result.

A researchers particular world view, traditions or religion can cause the researcher to give extra weight to some data over other data. Researchers may also be stubborn and unwilling to admit they made a mistake, or embarrassed by having to withdraw a belief made so publicly, so you can see that these studies are rarely unbiased and therefore can’t be fully relied upon.

There is a confusing array of ‘Best Practices’ covering every part of the anatomy, and all are tainted with bias which has made the treatment of diseases seem like a very complex science with it’s own jargon that is beyond the understanding of the ordinary person in the street.

You would have thought that the medical profession would have by now reduced the amount of illness in the world down to a fraction of what it was a hundred or so years ago, but the evidence does not support that, because there is most definetly more sick people in the population now than there ever was, so something does not add up.

I do not wish to discredit doctors or the health workers because they do have a geniune intention to help heal the sick and eradicate disease, the problem is with the system which is focused on illness and not on wellness which promotes a profit driven rather than a simple, natural and inexpensive but effective treatments and therapies that do not have side effects.

The medical profession and the system must change and focus on prevention, rather than trying to treat people when they have failed to prevent it in the first place. Prevention would be more cost effective as it would be a hell of a lot cheaper and then maybe we could afford a good health system.

I use a preventive therapy every day and I believe this would work equally as well for your cat or dog. You can if you wish get the information to help protect your pet and your family from the very great threat of cancer as statics are telling us that 41% of the population have cancer but as yet they are unaware. This therapy kills cancer and prevents cancer, it works and it’s got a proven track record. The cost of the therapy is around one and half cents a day and an estimated 15,000 European medical doctors, naturopaths and homoeopaths have provided this therapy to over 10 million people over the last 70 years to treat over  50 different diseases, but in the United States it has been relatively unknown.

Here’s the link if you are desparate for help for your pet, yourself or family

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Dr. Steven Greer – Update

Director: Disclosure Project, Cseti and Orion Project

Director: Disclosure Project, Cseti and Orion Project

This show by Dr. Greer and Dr. Loder explains how and why the Intellectual Property Office uses two sections of their code to suppress inventions that would have allowed the world to live in abundance without pollution that is endangering the our planet and putting us and our planet into terminal decline.

All of us are victims of a few family’s who have decided that they are entitled to govern the whole planet by fear and suppression of anything that would put in jeopardy the status quo. We all know the Family’s involved in this criminal activity and we all know that there are some  high level government players who are making laws to enable this fear and suppression.

I can’t stress enough that we must understand what is going on and please click on the link and listen to what Dr. Greer and Dr. Loder have to say and do whatever you can to support this effort for the sake of your children and grand children’s future.

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