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Study Their Statutes

Justice don't make me laugh!

Study Their Statutes

I believe we can make a difference by studying statute law, law which is made by governments to enable more control to be exerted upon society. These laws were meant to be used in commercial transactions by corporations, but by slight of hand they have managed to bring it to bear on ordinary flesh and blood humans and in doing so they rake in huge amounts of money every single day in their commercial place of business, their de-facto courts, and of course through the  income tax system.

There are people who ran into these laws and because of their treatment started to study them so that they can fight back using the very same law against government and corporations.

Understand these so called laws are not laws but statutes which are termed as rules of society given the force of law by the governed, in other words we have to consent to these statutes otherwise they can not be used, but of course they are use by the police because we and they have been deceived.

Briefly, when you were birthed (born) your parents informed the authorities and you were given a birth certificate, this birth certificate is a bond which is floated on the world stock market and makes money for them that you never get your hands on. At the time the birth certificate was produced you were also turned into a corporation by the use of a capitalization of your name. Your real name for instance is written like a proper noun, like Joe Smith, your corporation is JOE SMITH, sounds exactly like your name doesn’t it. You have heard the term “The Straw man” well JOE SMITH is your Straw man.

Because you are now a corporation you have to obey the corporation rules (statutes), pay income tax and everything else a corporation has to do, like filing a tax return. They made you a government employee and believe it or not only government employees and corporations are liable for income tax, not you the flesh and blood human being.

Check out the following link:

For a good set of lessons go here, start on the top right and download the first three by clicking on the links and agreeing to the terms. The last link there is a link to conference calls going back years.

Imagine a million or more people learning this stuff, that they thought we could never fathom out and using against them in a peaceful manner, thus bringing their deceptive system of control to a halt. I believe by using many paths in a peaceful manner we can gain freedom and abundance for all and not just the rich few. A peaceful attack on many fronts will bring about a change, we just need to learn their system of control and use it to our advantage.

To Help Save The United States of America go to the Articles of Freedom.

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