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The Ultimatum

Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior

Extract from Benjamin’s Blog

“The son of a Canadian diplomat, Benjamin Fulford rebelled against his upbringing and at the age of 17 made his way by boat into the heart of the Amazon to live with a tribe of former cannibals. Continuing to seek answers and better understand Western society, he spent time in a self-sufficient community in Argentina before heading to attend university in Japan.”

Benjamin, now living in Japan is the first western person to gain entry into a Chinese Secret Society, who have given the Illuminati an ultimatum, to cease what they are doing or they will send an army of 100,000 Ninjas to assassinate them.

On Benjamin’s site you will find a video in three parts, the third video is where the ultimatum is given, I think you will find what Benjamin says very interesting.

The Ultimatum.

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Living in Peace and Harmony

GR2020We must learn to live together in peace and harmony on Earth in a sustainable way and escape this prison matrix which we have created with our own minds. We are being fed with a menu of fear and oppression by Newspapers, Television and Radio. These media outlets are controlled by the power elites and are used to feed us our daily diet of fear.

Some or maybe most of our representatives have been corrupted over the years and represent the worse in our society. It behoves us to question them at every level and not let them riddle out of these questions by sidestepping them as they usually do. Can we not have one, just one President in power who is courageous, honest and forthright and able to take the lead. The answer to this question is undoubtedly no, because these people are chosen by the foxes who guard the Hen house, we the people only get to vote on their choice. It is a choice of bad or very bad, that has to change, what about it Mr President? no, well I did not expect any other answer, did you?

We can escape this matrix, find out how by studying the information found at the following site.

Below is an extract from soulwise net I urge you to study it

Metaphysics is the study of Life and many of your questions will be answered in my articles and other works. My pages explain what this world is about. Once you understand most of it, you will be at peace with yourself and live your life with inner knowing. You will understand why the world is the way it is. The world is an amazing global play of foolishness that the masses accept as their truth and reality. It is full of 911 scenarios and other mental implants. The purpose of the play is to awaken human souls from a very deep sleep or unconsciousness…

.. After many thousands of years our time of awakening has Arrived ..
… We need to awaken from the dream in which we think we are already Awake …

All religions are man-made and false! Human Life has never been sufficiently explained by them. Hinduism might be an exception to this. Religions only agree on one thing and they call it the afterlife. However, an afterlife existed before any religion was ever invented. Human Life is an investigation that some people call a search. Life is about gaining wisdom by means of experiences and education. The door to my website is always open. No need to knock – just click below. Enjoy reading my easy flowing words. Do not forget to diaper your mouse first…

To read the rest click here

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