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New Information Regarding Your Berth And The Deception Perpertraited On The Whole World.

This post was posted on the year of Jesus Calendar 12th November 2013 Anno Domini on the year of the world Calendar today’s date is 9th of Kislev, 5774 a discrepancy of 3,761 years. This is the basis of we the people being all dead and the world elite being in the present.

With reference to my post of November 7th 2013 where I said that due to new information relating to the STRAW MAN I have taken down three pages until such a time as I have researched this new information. The information I am referring to can be listened to at the link below:

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Winston Shrout Talking about Truth of OPPT UCC Filing

I think this video should be named Winston Shrout Talking His Truth of OPPT Filing.

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OPPT-IN News Updates


If you have creative ideas for supporting the OPPT, then email:

26 February, on the OPPT-IN – Blogtalk Radio – Freedom Reigns – 25/26 Feb’ 2013, Brian mentioned that camera crews will start to be sent out in different countries, to film Courtesy Notices being delivered by hand, and the process followed.

On the OPPT-IN – Blogtalk Radio – Freedom Reigns – 25/26 Feb’ 2013, Brian mentioned:

“Speaking of Lawyers & Judges; if there are any Lawyers or Judges, or retired Lawyers & Judges, that are listening to this call, that have an interest in helping to support this movement … to establish some additional, not that we need any more credibility, but to establish perspectives from having a law background, please send me an email:

Brian Kelly –


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