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David Pidcock Money

Roger Lefebvre talks to David Pidcock about the current and historic monetary system, its failings and workable solutions.

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High Court writ sought to challenge Australian governments acting as a corporation registered in the US

Michael Anderson Goodooga, northwest NSW, 25 December 2010.

Independent legal researchers have submitted to the United Nations in 1999 a bundle of documents, titled The Concealed Colony, that clearly demonstrate that Australia’s standing in the international community is a lie, supported by a convention of denial on the part of the international community.

My recent statement about Australia being a colonial state is based on fact and in this regard there are significant implications for my people.

Below Romley Stewart explains how to find the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA which of course you can use the same steps to find your own CORPORATION pretending to be a Government.

Read the full text here.

This action was in 2010 but as the information about searching the SEC the information is still valid. I would suggest we all get digging.

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My Safenet Test

After I received the good news that Maidsafe had released safe demo and safe launcher applications I downloaded and
installed them onto my Windows 7 Ultimate OS system on my secondary machine so I could test them. Both applications
installed very easily.

There is a very important step need so that these applications can connect to the safe network which
is to copy and enter a proxy into whatever browser you intend to use.  I use Firefox and Chrome so I entered the proxy into
both these browsers with no issues whatsoever.

Now the hard part which was using notepad to build myself a very simple website to upload to safenet for testing. I had not
built a website for years and therefore I am very rusty, but with aid of search engine I was able to cobble
together a simple webpage.

This web page is just five images and a little bit of text in a two column two row table. Once I had the web page as I desired
I uploaded the five images and the index file to safenet and it worked perfectly. Bear in mind that there are no servers, so
no single place of attack for any hacker or any snooping service to attack, in other words we the people can get our privacy
back as we have the right.

Yes some things do need to be secret, but these days they seem to keep everything a secret, but we the people do not have|
in their eyes the same right. I do not consent to anyone spying on me and therefore I reserve the right to achieve privacy
any way I can. I am not a terrorist, do not use deception therefore I reserve my right to privacy.

If you value your privacy I would give safenet a try and you can then look at my very simple website by clicking on the
link below, which will not work if you have not downloaded and installed the two applications. There are now many
sites for you to take a look at on the network and there are many developers working on new applications.

My website is here.

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Great News – SAFE Network Alpha Release! is here

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of the alpha release of the SAFE Network.

Installing both the Launcher and Demo App will enable you to store private data, publish public data, create your own SAFE webpage and even host an existing site without charge.

If you haven’t already, you can download Launcher and the Demo App below on either Windows, Mac or Linux (sorry, no mobile, yet!)

As with any alpha software caveats apply, and you should be aware of a couple of things prior to use. Data on this alpha network may get lost and MaidSafe will decide or require to wipe the network from time to time. It is therefore recommended that you store your only pictures of your first born elsewhere.

This is also a client only network, meaning that users cannot run vaults (contribute their resources), all data will be hosted on a network managed by MaidSafe. The ability for users to run their own vault will be enabled shortly. A more detailed list of limitations is available here.

Read and download the two applications here.

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Youtube – Word on the Street is … there’s a Class-Action against the Banks – WhiteRabbitTrust


The Big Switch – An Open Accusation of Worldwide Fraud: By Judge Anna von Reitz

4f522-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

When I was a little girl I lived on an old homestead farm that was bisected pretty much down the middle by US Highway 12.  Back in the days before the Interstate Highway System old US Highway 12 was a very busy road, with semi-trucks and trailers and big oil tankers and military convoys running day and night.

Along with all this traffic came troupes of ragged men, “hobos” my Father called them, and he watched them with sad and wary eyes, at once sympathetic and on guard because they were all unknown quantities as they wandered down our long driveway to the farmhouse door—-looking for food and sometimes for warmth.

Please read the full text here.

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Introduction to CO2 GANS Product Public Participation Testing – Clinical Trial Volunteers – Time Sensitive.

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