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Stop Your Internet Activity From Being Tracked

Stop these companies tracking you without your permission.

Do Not Track Plus For Internet Explorer.


Do Not Track Plus For Chrome.


Do Not Track Plus For Firefox.


I have been using this little gem with Firefox for a few weeks and you would be amazed at how you are beingtracked at almost all websites. For instance even on this network there are five (5) companies keeping track of you.


1. Facebook

2. Glam Media

3. Google Adsense

4. Comscore Beacon

5. Google Analytics


Since I’ve been using Do Not Track Plus I have managed to block 5,937 tracks. So lets try and put these
unsolicited pirate corporations out of business by using this great little product which is free to download
and use, you can’t get any better than that.

I do not know as yet if Do Not Track Plus supports Safari.

Lets stop this invasion of privacy.


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