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Romley Steward Interview – Part one – Follow the Link For the other ten.

Romley guides us through the, who, what,where, when and how did we all get suckered into believing we have a De-jure government.
These series of 11 video’s are very detailed and will be an ideal series for anyone who is just starting to wake up to reality as it really is
in our world today.

Please click on this link to see all the video’s in this great series The Glossa

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How to Find a UCC Filing by OPPT Trustee Caleb Skinner… REVISED

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how_to_find_ucc_filing_by_caleb_v2Posted at American Kabuki, this is a revised version of the original video, with a bit more detailed explanation (although not as “kick a$$” as the first one (which was removed)).

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No 128 – RTS: VIDEO PRESENTATION: 20 REASONS TO OPPT-In to the One People’s Public Trust 1776 – a short history lesson in money.

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One Peoples Public Trust 1776 File Search Results

Following on from the post below about searching for a UCC filing I followed Caleb’s video, registered with the UCC and did two searches taking two document numbers at random from the filings that the trustees said they had filed. I used document numbers 2012114586 and 2012049126. I found both of these filings, so these documents have been properly filed and recorded with the UCC. Here are the images of the documents.

ucc financing  doc 2 (Medium) ucc financing doc 01 (Medium) ucc financing document 04 (Medium) ucc financing filing 03 (Medium)

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No 98 – GOVERNMENTS = CORPORTIONS? – More hard evidence

No 98 – GOVERNMENTS = CORPORTIONS? – More hard evidence.

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DEBTORS to the One People’s Public Trust 1776 (OPPT) – UCC Financing Statement

DEBTORS to the One People’s Public Trust 1776 (OPPT) – UCC Financing Statement.


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Guerrilla Radio 01/24/2013 Liberty Lisa, Austin Thomas, Ray Cox, Robert Johnson Defacto V Dejure

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