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Richard Ansah – Free Private Express Trust Webinar

These video’s are the work of Richard Ansah. I am very grateful for this work which increased my poor understanding of Express trusts here is Richards youtube channel. Show your appreciation by visiting his channel and giving a thumbs up and a share.

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How to sign your signature without liability: Updated.

Disclaimer: The following is not legal advise, i am not a lawyer and would never wish to be one.

When ever you receive a document that requires signing be very careful how you sign it because just signing your name without qualification will make you liable.

Below you will find examples on how to properly sign any document so that you the living man or woman cannot be held liable as you are signing as the authorised representative for the legal person who is dead and has been dead since the day your parents informed the registrar that you are present on the plan(et).

Unbeknown to most people there are two of everyone, one is dead the other very much alive. The all caps name for instance JOHN HENRY DOE is the dead legal fiction, however John Henry Doe is the living man. A better way to show the living man is using the following :John-Henry: Doe. Separating the Christian name from the family or clan name. Note the full colon’s before the Christian name and between John-Henry and the surname this is important as it separates the two and denotes the name as a fact.

You may also use John-Henry of the Doe family or of the Doe Clan or even house of Doe. You often see the legal fiction name written as John Henry DOE or MR John Henry Doe or John H DOE or any other combination with one always in full caps. Mr is a military title, if you are not military then Mr or Mrs or Ms does not apply. Living men and women are not titles and you should never accept the title.

An easy way to start practising the proper signing method is at the bank. Where my body stands I have to go to the bank at least three or for times in the first week of every month, on one of these days I am required to sign a document that proves I have paid my rent into my landlords account. As there is plenty of room on the form I can use the long version 4th down from the top. If you have only a small space use the smallest 6 or 7th down, all are correct and will work. The document from the bank is a receipt which has a monetary amount, a date and my autograph, [‘like a cheque or promissory note] I believe this would be bungled up and sold on the securities exchange if i had signed it with my usual signature not qualified as the authorised representative or agent with all rights reserved under the autograph.

Below you will find a great video which explains everything you need to know. Yes he is an American but it will work anywhere because the name fraud con is used throughout the whole world and we must act now to stop it.

Update: More research has led me to discover a better way to ensure separation of the given and family name, which is to use square brackets around the family name, example :John-Henry [of the Doe family] then under the autograph add “all rights reserved” so it would be;

By:John-Henry [of the Doe family], Authorised Representative.
      all rights reserved.

Or if short of space, they purposely do try to keep the signature area small as possible you can use;

By:John-Henry [of the Doe family], Agent.
      all rights reserved.

Using the word “By” means “by accommodation”.

They will all work just fine, always qualify your autograph because you are the only authorised representative for that all caps name. The State has copyright but you have use of it in commerce, however never make the claim that it’s yours. as they do have “Crown Copyright and not to be used for identification purposes” on the birth certificate, so they are telling you right there. I believe if you have autographed it in this way they will be unable to sell that document on the stock exchange thus cutting off some of the funding.

So in summary, never sign anything with just your name, always use the word [By:], always qualify it with the words Authorised Representative or a shortened version of it, like “Agent” and always use “all rights reserved” under the signature. If everyone signed all their documents this way we can really throw a spanner into the New World Order works.


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