I am a truth seeker, a Lightworker, I believe you own your body and mind , and no one has the right to interfere with your choice of what you choose to do with them. We are children of God and we have the right to life of happiness and abundance without hindrance from power mad psychopaths that want to control every aspect of our lives.


Important Information: IMF Plans For Cashless Society Disclosed

Creepy IMF Paper Teaches Governments How to Wage War on Cash

There’s been another shot fired in the “war on cash.” Recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) published a working paper offering governments suggestions on how to move toward a cashless society even in the face of strong public opposition.

Over the last several years, we’ve seen a steady push to eliminate, or at least limit, the use of cash around the world. In May of 2016, the European Central bank announced it will stop producing and issuing 500-euro notes by the end of 2018. Not long before the EU announcement, a former Obama economic adviser/ex-Treasury secretary floated the idea of eliminating the $100 bill in the US.

Banks have also gotten in on the act. Last year, Chase capped ATM withdrawals for non-Chase customers at $1,000 per day. Recently, ATM’s in Mexico stopped issuing 500-peso notes, leaving the 200-peso note as the highest denomination available. CitiBank Australia stopped handling cash transactions altogether late last year.

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The Romley Stewart Interview Series Part One of Many.

Below is part one of many parts which describes the research carried out by a dedicated group of Australian researchers into the various aspects of Government and the system which has been in use for a very long time. The system is detailed in a leaked document available on the internet called “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars” Watch this first video which will lead you to each video in this detailed and very long interview of Romley Stewart. Man has fallen, lost dominion and is well on the way into total slavery by lack of any real education. Our children are being indoctrinated and corrupted by the system we call school. If we do not get educated then we deserve what we get and it will not be pleasant, we will condemn our progeny to a life of total misery and utter slavery. It is our duty to end this for the sake of our children.

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Conditional Acceptance Letters – From The Freedom River Blog

Conditional Acceptance Letters

Conditional Acceptance is the key to not being in dispute. The Admiralty courts are adversarial and therefore depend on dispute. But the burden is not on you to disprove a case against you. The burden is always on the party asserting a fact or law to prove what they assert. ONUS PROBANDI, evidence. It is a general rule, that the party who alleges the affirmative of any proposition shall prove it.

Please adapt the following letters (see links below) to suit your needs and make them your own. The blue text indicates where to enter your specific details. Good record-keeping is essential. Simply create a dedicated file/folder for each set of letters. Keep copies of your letters. Mail your letters by “Registered Post” (NZ$9.60 in 2013, – you have to ask for this service), and also copy online receipts to verify their arrival (you will need the dates for your follow-up letters).

It is important to address ALL letters to the same employee in their “private capacity” (no fictional titles), because they are “fully commercially liable” if they are called into the open and “dishonoured” (i.e. they are not “acting” as a public “legal personality” with limited liability). Besides, you cannot deal with an “artificial person” anyway, unless you consent to “act” as an “accommodation party” to the NAME. You also need their physical address for registered post.

There are many variations of conditional acceptance letters for different situations. They can be used when dealing with any agency that is making a demand.

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Research on the Language Deception – By: Romley Stewart

Small snapshot for context;

This Article is not legal advice in any way, it is a story in relation to research and findings that have been
uncovered in relation to such research directed at the grammatical appearance and the grammatical standing
of Government, (Or what could be foreign de-facto governments) Court and Banking Contracts and Charges.
This article hopefully may alert some of you to the dangers of entering into contracts when you are not aware of
the importance of the grammatical appearance of the languages employed within such contracting paper
instruments. Is the “legal title” you hold “really” saying what you assumed it to say?

Link to the Source document: The Justinian Deception

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The War on Reality: How globalists occupy your mind to control everything – By The Health Ranger

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137th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Sept 15 2016 – Report: Universal Council meeting in Rome

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Thomas Williams weekly update show – Truth, Honour and Integrity Show

The fist audio of the show is very important to listen to.

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