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Awakened people across the world have come to the realization that our culture, politics and economics are controlled by a corrupt, dangerous and false monetary system which is entirely in the hands of bankers and supported by their partners in the corporate media.

History has demonstrated beyond doubt that governments are not only subservient to the bankers, but are their willing accomplices.

The foundation of the banker’s web of control is their exclusive right to create money. What they create out of the nothing is returned with work.

Through the bankers insatiable greed people across the world are working to pay debts, both public and private, to bankers who have not loaned anything other than digital accounting entries. The world is stagnating under the burden of austerity to pay back something that never existed in the first place.

Please read the Manifesto here. I appeal to all bloggers to make this viral – thanks.


GUNS (Virtual State of the Union 2013)

Common sense being talked about on this video, look at the faces of those politicians, look at the smirk on some of their faces. Please make this video viral – thank you.

For the latest from The Virtual President go to

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No 295 – Final post from the Unfolding Story Blog.


This site has fulfilled its purpose to help the inital ‘wave’ get connected until better avenues are created.  That is certainly

The OPPT information is being spread far & wide and is being discussed.

There will be no further postings.

The site will stay up for a week or so, so that those who have followed can retrieve any information or links that may be wanted.


This means that any story on this blog reblogged from the “Unfolding Story” blog will not link after it closes. Therefore if you
want to keep this information on your hard-drive for future reference follow the links and copy them before the blog closes.

Thank you.

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