Peace Keeper Meeting – 1st May 2015 If You Want To Make A Difference Be There!

Peace Keeper Meeting


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Not to be missed a peaceful Common Law action in Nottingham

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I, Clive Albert Dodd, AM a living, breathing, flesh and blood man, a sentient human being, a Sovereign soul. I AM NOT a corporate legal fiction entity.

I have read and consciously sign this DECLARATION OF NON-CONSENT on this 17th day of April, 2015. I declare my free will and repudiate any and all false claims of my consent to any and all contracts and treaties or actions that I consider to be harmful to myself in any way whatsoever, or to any other living breathing man or woman of Planet Earth.

I hereby denounce as null and void ab initio all contracts made in the past, present, or future and take back my Sovereignty now and forever more. I will forever use my free will to keep in direct alignment with the Prime Source Creator.

This DECLARATION OF NON-CONSENT is also declared by my mind, body, and soul in this lifetime and timeline and in all other lifetimes and timelines in the past, present and future and in behalf of all my ancestors as well as all my progeny.

My free will is hereby invoked by the power invested in me by PRIME CREATOR. I AM sovereign and I AM free, and so it is.

I reserve the sole right to amend this contract at my discretion.


Thank you Bradley


The Next Generation Sharing Economy – MaidSafe

The following is a few paragraphs from the maidsafe blog:

The press has been deluged in recent times with reports about the surveillance and eaves dropping employed by intelligence and security agencies around the world. Barely a week goes by without a new revelation being announced. But it cannot be ignored that surveillance is big business and this is in fact the way in which many of the largest Internet companies make the vast majority of their revenue. These businesses don’t call it surveillance of course, they call it advertising.

Google generated revenue of $66 billion in 2014, 89.5% of which came through advertising, while Facebook generated 88.5% of their $12.5 billion revenue via the same source. As I said, selling access to us and our data is big business. American cryptographer Bruce Schneier summed the situation up very nicely advising that ‘surveillance is the business model of the Internet’. Informing us, as others did before him, that we are not the customers of these services, we are the product itself, the advertisers are the customers.

This model has been the dominant force for a number of years, but is it all the fault of the Google’s and Facebook’s of this world? Can we lay all the blame at their door? Maybe in part, but we were the all too willing recipients of the ‘free’ services. I suspect that only a small minority of us stopped to think that the seemingly complementary search, mail, maps and social networking platforms came with a higher price. Although most of us didn’t realise the extent of it at the time that price was and is our privacy.

But it is not only our freedom and liberty that is at stake. Our economic well being is also at great risk. This may seem a counter intuitive statement at first glance, how can free services be bad for our economic situation? It may be bad for our privacy, but surely it’s good for my wallet!

Please continue to read from the source

If you want to learn more about this exiting innovation of a new secure internet then click the link below:

Maidsafe Website

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AIS Joins Rod Class – Update on the International Tribunal For Natural Justice

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Ole Dammegard: Ebola depopulation plot in Obamacare codes, UN takeover will fail

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The Census – The Law – Your Private Rights

Originally posted on The Secret People:

The rule of law, as described in this treatise, remains to this day a distinctive characteristic of the English constitution. In England no man can be made to suffer punishment or to pay damages for any conduct not definitely forbidden by law; every man’s legal rights or liabilities are almost invariably determined by the ordinary Courts of the realm, and each man’s individual rights are far less the result of our constitution than the basis on which that constitution is founded. – A.V.Dicey, Law of the Constitution (1915)

census regalis [royal revenue]. – William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England.

Census means revenue eh!

There are a few things about law/rules and rights that I’ve come across over the past couple of years that when thought about, give the common man a nice little trump card to play when unacceptable demands are made of him by authorities claiming to…

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