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No Truths Are Spoken in Court

No Facts Or Truths Are Spoken In Court

Maria Janet is discussing David-Wynn: Miller’s brainchild – Correct sentence structure communication syntax language
David’ Website can be found here:

Maria explains that no facts are ever discussed in a so called Court because Lawyers go to school for six years to learn how to write documents that never ever use facts. Listen to these talkshoe episodes 296,301, and 305. Maria explains that when a Judge takes his Oath of  Office the meaning is not what we believe it is. The same is true of a Lawyers Oath. You will find that us normal people have been deceived by the elite for hundreds of years and this deceit is what has brought us to where we are now.

This could be the breakthrough all researchers are looking for. Interestingly the word America when broken down using this syntax means this:

‘A’  – means no
‘merci’ – means mercy
‘ca’ – means sheep

Therefore the word America means –  No mercy for the Sheep. Do you think that this was an accident?

Episode 296

Episode 301

Episode 305

Episode 33 Public Attorney General

Episode Notes:

Episode 296:  correct-sentence-structure-communication-syntax-language $25 million fine or 30 years in prison for all public servants committing perjury entering orders signing pleading containing no facts or truths.

Episode 301:  syntax-Language continued.

Episode 305:  continued discussion on syntax-language and a partial win.

Episode 33 Public Attorney General: Major updates with Carl Weston and a short appearance of Rodney Class – This is a very important broadcast and really goes into detail how the banks have been defrauding the public and how the Vatican is a party of this fraud. It’s the Trinity of the City of London, Washington DC and the Vatican. Please go and listen to this very important broadcast.

If we the people want our freedom from this deception by the very people we put our trust in then we must come together as a cohesive peaceful force and stop complying with them. In that way we are just too powerful a force and we will get freedom. If we do not forget our petty arguments and come together to defeat this criminal cabal that have lorded over us for so long then we condemn our children to a life servitude much greater than we had to endure, it is up to us to do this for our children and the world.

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