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The People’s Bailiffs – To save England we need to go back to our roots.

This is a heads up for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland we have to unite and start to be serious about the situation otherwise in a few short years all will be lost forever and that is a very long time. There is a quickening by the people who are interested in total control of mankind and this planet.

There is a plan to bring back sanity under our Constitution consisting of many documents of which ‘The Declaration of Rights 1689’ is very important. I urge all red blooded people of our Island check out the following website and participate on the many votes you’ll find there.

The Peoples Bailiffs to save England we need to go back to our roots.


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The Romley Stewart Interview Series Part One of Many.

Below is part one of many parts which describes the research carried out by a dedicated group of Australian researchers into the various aspects of Government and the system which has been in use for a very long time. The system is detailed in a leaked document available on the internet called “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars” Watch this first video which will lead you to each video in this detailed and very long interview of Romley Stewart. Man has fallen, lost dominion and is well on the way into total slavery by lack of any real education. Our children are being indoctrinated and corrupted by the system we call school. If we do not get educated then we deserve what we get and it will not be pleasant, we will condemn our progeny to a life of total misery and utter slavery. It is our duty to end this for the sake of our children.

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Youtube – Word on the Street is … there’s a Class-Action against the Banks – WhiteRabbitTrust


Youtube Video: Exposing the I.S.I.S Lie: How President Obama & Hillary Clinton Created I.S.I.S.

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Youtube Video: TRUTH UNITE: Democrat convention; Clinton Cash; Hillary emails and Russia;

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Stop The Monsanto and Bayer Nightmare

Monsanto evil seed
There is a nightmare merger in the making,

Bayer is negotiating to buy Monsanto.
If the merger is successful, the company will
be the world’s largest agribusiness and will
have unprecedented control over the world’s
food supply.
This is a receipt for a complete disaster for
for the whole world, imagine one huge
Corporation having the power to starve the
world at a drop of a hat, or using this power
as leverage to get whatever they want!

Do we really want all this power divested in
just a few individuals, power corrupts and
absolute power corrupts absolutely, we allAgainst Monsanto
know this to be true.
We must act as one and stop this from
going ahead.

Act now to stop this deal:

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Lost Our Home Please Help – Red Pill Housing Trust.

What We Propose

In times of government cuts in favor of buying weapons to kill people, the rise in homeless families in the UK is at a shocking peak. The government policies, which at this time merely line the pockets of ‘fat cats’ and CEO’s rather than the people whom these officials are supposed to ‘work’ for, has shown no sympathy towards the climbing numbers of people whom can’t afford the basic human right of having a home of their own.

Rather than investing in cheap, affordable homes, the government would rather privatize everything into the hands of a few, whom raise rental prices, lower landlord obligations, and effectively stunt the growth of the country through their nefarious and greedy practices.

With banking fraud rampant on mortgages we are also finding people unable to afford to keep their mortgage payments up and house repossessions are at an all time high also.

The system is truly in a mess and no-one is helping the most vulnerable in our society. The system is designed to punish people for having no money and as we head further down this fascist, rabbit hole things become more and more evident these ‘people’ have no interest in providing shelter for every one of their people.

Take a listen to this very small interview about the Red Pill Housing Trust.

Read the rest here.

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