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Do not make claims you cannot prove

[“I wrote this as a comment to someone who is doing some great work on youtube but has made two claims, and as i know it’s not a good idea to make claims unless you can prove them, hence this very long comment.”]

[“This is not legal advise, i am not a lawyer, this is some of what i have learned and is just educational information“]

[“i hope i can explain this clearly. In your description you are making a statement and claim that you are standing under Common Law which is the jurisdiction of living men and women [ which i believe you cannot prove at the moment ] and also under the Crown [ which you can prove to your detriment ] which is the jurisdiction of the dead, so you are claiming that you are standing as a living man and a dead legal fiction. Take the time to find out who you are NOT and then understand who you really are.”]

[” You should maybe consider recording your birth details here as many thousands of us have done in many different Countries including myself, standing together as men and women on the land jurisdiction. If you do that then you can make a statement which you can prove because you will have a valid record. I have also got a valid ‘claim of the life’ document, which is proof of life owned by myself and recorded by registered post to myself.”]

[“The only document you may currently have in your possession is from a Corporation who created it and thus control it, so it’s not yours which is how they can do what they like unless you can rebut their claim with a better claim owned and controlled by yourself, i believe their claim is fraudulent therefore null and void from start to finish, my document validated by three living people which is a higher claim than their’s because i have i first hand knowledge that i am alive and so do my witnesses.”]

[“The newly born baby is given seven years to prove he/she is alive, how can anyone just born and up to the age of seven rebut such a claim, how can a baby contract? plus we are not taught anything about this at school, so looks like the Ministry for Education is involved in this little omission.”]

[“Watch this 5 minute and 2 second video on the Strawman to give you some understanding of the Strawman. Here is the direct link after that easy and concise introduction you may want to check out how you we were all criminally converted by the National Health Service and Government from a live baby at birth to a dead baby on paper, here is the direct link read all the Foundation knowledge information as it is crucial at this time. It does not matter what so called Country you were born on as it’s the same in all Countries and Jurisdictions that have birth certificates which are all pretending to be Government(s) “]

[” i understand this is not easy to accept but i believe it is the truth nevertheless even if you don’t like it. It also explains a lot and why you will NOT win in one of their courts because you will admit that you are the name, instead of saying that name is not yours, but i make use of it [“ you commit fraud if you say you own the name, ” ] as it is crown property which is plainly stated on your birth certificate and they also state it’s is not to be used as identification – they tell you in plain sight.”]

[” The very first confirmation they want from you in the court is an admission that you are the NAME on their docket, by saying yes, you give them jurisdiction [ i believe that name on the docket will be all upper case and is Crown property ] not yours, however you can be [the agent for that name,] but it is not yours – very important.”].

[“Be aware of titles such as MR, MRS, MS or any other title, try to find any of those titles on your birth certificate, you will not find any of them, they will say oh it’s formal or we are being polite, do not allow any title as it is a trap.”]

[” My understanding is your solicitor is not there to help you, he or she is there to re-present [emphasis on the RE ] you not represent you, he or she is a member of the BAR and has to obey his or her oath to the BAR, you are way down on the list of priorities, the BAR comes uppermost. Also if a [wo]man makes use of a solicitor/lawyer services you are saying that you are not able to present yourself and you are a ward of court, if you are a ward of anyone they have complete control over you.”]

[” i believe it’s no co-incidence that hospital rooms where patients are put, are called Wards, also i understand that all maternity wards are all Foundling wards where mothers go to give birth to babies who have no fathers, married women are you angry yet? [ ] the depths of deception of these people has not end. Blacks Law definition of ‘Ward’ which one of those definitions
apply? so it’s not one word one meaning, it’s one word many meanings, in other words babble as in Babylon. “]

[“Do not take it out of the hospital staff as they probably have no clue either.“]

[“All this is my understanding and it’s up to everyone to do their own research and ask questions like a king
[AS-KING] never make statements always ask questions with a question, because kings do not answer questions, they ask the question, we are the kings, we created government and the police to take care of business for us, the people, and not to lord it over us, so if you create something can you control it and not allow anyone else to control it? i cannot remember the exact quote but there is a maxim of law that goes something like this, he who creates owns, this is just paraphrasing”]

[“Ten important maxims of commercial law; “]

[“Sorry its a big read but to explain things is not so easy especially if you are not a writer. By the way i was in the Royal Artillery for a couple of year [24 Missile Regiment RA – Long John Missiles] but transferred to the Royal Corps of Signals [ Telegraph Operator II. ] around 1962/3 served nine years, so i know where you are coming from, please read this and look at the links i gave you, so you can protect yourself a little better. Again sorry about the length of this comment. Please excuse any typo’s or errors i am just a man and men make mistakes.”]

By:Clive-Albert [of the family Dodd]
All rights reserved non waived ever.


Declaration of Sovereignty

Declaration of Sovereignty


Dictionary used Oxford Compact English Dictionary 1997

I, Clive-Albert of the family Dodd the living man, the principle and sole authorised agent for the
MR CLIVE ALBERT DODD legal fiction entity.

Being of sound mind make the following declaration of sovereignty on this 17th day of June 2020
while standing on the landmass at the following Co-ordinates Latitude: 35° 51′ 43.92″ N Longitude: 14° 34′ 1.24″ E on Planet Earth.

1) I do not consent to being vaccinated with toxins, poisons, and fetal tissue.

2) I do not consent to being micro-chipped or nano-chipped.

3) I do not consent to dangerous harmful 5G weapons being installed in children’s schools,
hospitals, homes, or anywhere else.

4) I do not consent to being stalked, tracked, racially profiled, and abused like a slave.

5) I do not consent to being stolen from by use of fraudulent conveyance of language in all it’s
forms, being deprived of my livelihood, my body, my property, my possessions, and inalienable
fundamental rights, freedoms, and liberties.

6) I do not consent to being forced to accept COVID19 legislation, and/or public health regulations
based on COVID-19, and mainstream media propaganda which appear to be based on lies which are
being enacted and published which could be used to commit mass murder.

7) I do not consent to wearing a mask that has been proven to be dangerous for my health against
my will just in order to travel, purchase food, and conduct my daily life peacefully.

8) I do not consent to the constant abuse of power by our Public Servants who volunteered to being
our trustees acting in the people public office and under oath in Parliament to truly represent living
men and woman’s wishes according to their conscience.

9) I do not consent to have my sovereign rights to freedom of speech being censored by
government, social media, big tech, or any other organization, on any issue affecting my family’s
and my safety, security, health, wellness,or social and economic well being and issues related to
public health and the public good.

10. If any Agent of Government or Corporate Officer has a higher claim to any or all points on this
declaration, the living man/woman must put the claim in writing under full commercial liability and
under penalty of perjury by 23:59 CET on the Date_______________, otherwise every point on this
declaration will become the law by estoppel with tacit agreement by all agents of Government,
Parliament and all Officers of any and all Corporations.

11. I, Clive-Albert of the family Dodd, the living man have recorded my birth and taken ownership
of the Legal Fiction Name with the Common Law Court found at searchable public database, a certified copy of these records are available on request for any government or corporate officer.

12. This declaration is made by the living man Clive-Albert of the family Dodd who is the principle
and sole authorized representative for the MR CLIVE ALBERT DODD legal fiction entity.


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You Pay For Your Own Slavery

“If you wish to keep slaves, you must have all kinds of guards in place. The cheapest way to have guards is to have the slaves pay taxes to finance their own guards. To fool the slaves, you tell them that they are not slaves and that they have freedom. You tell them that they need law and order to protect them against bad slaves. Then you tell them to elect a government. Give them freedom to vote and they will vote for their own guards and pay their salary. They will then believe they are free persons. Then give them money to earn, count, and spend, and they will be too busy to notice the slavery they are in.”

Alexander Warbucks

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