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We are in Revolutionary Times: Time To Act

Weekly Briefing – 23rd Feb – We Are In Revolutionary Times

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UK Column –

We are in Revolutionary Times: Time To Act

We are approaching a truly historical moment. There is a process happening right in front of our eyes which should be no surprise to any of us. The entire system, funded by the globalist bankers, and established by the traitors in national governments right around the world is in a state of terminal collapse. Nothing can save it. It is dead.

The question is, will we follow it into its grave? Exactly what is going to replace it?

Here lies the next task, and if we fail, we will leave those who survive with a global fascist dictatorship of the worst kind imaginable, following a period of chaotic, probably extremely violent, “transformation.”

So the choice is there in front of us. Are we going to cower in a corner somewhere while the Cameron-Clegg-Clone and its disgusting traitors to “dismantle” the UK (Cameron’s word) and take us and the rest of the planet into a new Jacobin Terror, or are we going to grasp the spirit of rebellion, take back what is ours, and start to rebuild?

This is a call to action – lawful, peaceful action. And here’s your first chance:

We are calling on ALL our supporters to meet us at the Brass Balance pub on the Wirral, at 1pm on Monday 7th March. We intend to shake the foundations of the establishment. Details of the nature of the event cannot be given in advance for obvious reasons, but we ask you to support this initiative, and spread the word by whatever means you have at your disposal. The maximum turnout is what’s needed.

Remember, violence, chaos, these are the tools of our enemies.  This is not a demonstration. This will be a calm, measured, peaceful action. An action which will shock, and a key example of the practical application of Lawful Rebellion.

Join us at The Brass Balance, 39 Argyle Road, Birkenhead CH41 6AB, 1pm Monday, 7th March.

P.S. I’ve been ask to add that everyone please bring a black umbrella, I have not idea why, but I suppose all will be revealed at the meeting.


British Constitution Group Conference – Stoke On Trent – 2nd April 2011

The role of these conferences becomes ever more important. We ask everyone who is coming that is familiar with the BCG and our aims, to bring at least one person with them who is not.

Tickets £10, available on the door, or at

Conference speakers


Roger Hayes – Introduction – and overview.

10:30 – 11:00

Ian Puddick – The plumber who took on the anti-terrorist squad.

Ian Puddick is not the sort of guy to say boo to a goose, he is an easy-going and genuinely nice individual… but when a goose in the form of the antiterrorist police said boo to him…. he changed.

Ian’s problems stem from the fact that he disclosed corruption by the chief executive of Guy Carpenter (world’s largest re-insurer) whom his wife worked for as a PA causing him to lose his job. This high powered executive in a fit of revenge called in a few favours from the anti-terrorist squad, via Kroll International Private Investigators… the ‘fix it’ crew for the international elite, when they have some dirty work to do. What followed was extraordinary… Ian will tell his story of how the behind the scenes cartel operate… using our police as a private revenge squad.

11:00 – 11:30

Dounne Alexander – Founder of ‘Gramma’s Herbal Foods’ and now the driving force behind the ‘Joining Hands In Health’ campaign which seeks to expose the New World Order drive to tamper with our food to the detriment to our health. Dounne also exposes how some individuals who claim to represent the Heatlth food industry are actually stooges working for the other side.

11:30 – 11:45

Albert Burgess. – An update on treason.

11:45 – 12:00

Roger Hayes

Our corrupt courts… what happens when you take them on.

LUNCH (12:00-1:00)

1:00 – 2:00

Field McConnell

Field McConnell has an impressive CV:

  • 1967:Graduated from Punahou School, Honolulu
  • 1967-1971: US Naval Academy, Annapolis
  • 1971-1977: US Marine Corps pilot A4, KC130
  • 1977-1993: North Dakota ANG pilot, F4, F16
  • 1978: William Tell, World-wide fighter competition
  • 1986: William Tell, World-wide fighter competition
  • 1993: Retired as Lieutenant Colonel
  • 1978-2007: North Central, Republic, Northwest Airline pilot
  • Retired early 3-5-07 due to whistleblowing on events around 9-11
  • Captain DC9, A320, DC10, B747-400

He recently took a Civil Case 1:08-1600(RMC)(Pro Se) in an attempt to get the illegal modifications of airliners remedied. After informing the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) on 11 December, 2006 ALPA did nothing to determine the accuracy of his claims nor inform the ALPA pilots of the existence of the Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilots deployed on Boeing jets. Boeing, who he also sued in MCCONNELL v. ALPA AND BOEING on 2-27-07 were much more responsible when, on 3 March, 2007, just four days after the filing of the suit, Boeing announced publicly the existence of the Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot.  The significance of the suit and the timing is, that AFTER he revealed these technologies to ALPA and FAA, four hull losses have occurred which bear the signature of the STRANGLER’S SUITE of illegal modifications.  Adam Air 574.  Kenya Airways 507.  Colgan 3407.  Air France 447.  Still, ALPA’s response is more silence.

2:00 – 2:30

John Hurst

2:30 – 3:15

Brian Gerrish

3:15 – 3:30

Mike Robinson

Sovereign Debt

3:30 – 4:00

Roger Hayes – the launch of our own banking system. This will fire a torpedo below the international banking cartel’s water line… and will sink their global ambitions to rule the world. The multitude of problems of the world, war, famine, economic turmoil all stem from one problem, which is the unitary banking system. An alternative banking system will bring the power to where it should be… with the people.

4:00 – to end – Questions, and audience comments.

Upcoming Events

Full details at

UK Column Monthly Meeting, Plymouth


The George, Plympton


Brian Gerrish @ EVI

11/3/2011 – 6:30PM

EVi Cultural Centre

Church Street

Ebbw Vale NP23 6BE

United Kingdom

British Constitution Group Conference

2/4/2011 – 10:30AM
Kings Hall 

Glebe Street

Stoke On Trent ST4 1RN

United Kingdom

The fifth British Constitution Group conference


Entry £10 at the door. Tickets also available at

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Further to my blogging about the “NAME'”, you know the name given to you by your parents which is then without full disclosure copyrighted by the Crown due to the event of your birth being recorded by the Registrar in their register of births and deaths and evidenced on the birth certificate.

Now when being dragged into one of their courts and asked what your name is you cause a controversy if you answer with the “NAME” they have recorded on their docket, which is the “NAME” on your birth certificate as that “NAME” is Crown Copyright and you just became a Pirate (Law of the Sea). You will be found guilty and will have to pay a fine or go into storage at the warehouse (Jail) for a period of time.

When you write to any government agent of whatever stripe you will also fall into the same trap, as you have been indoctrinated at school by being taught that you must capitolise the first letter of your given, middle if any, and family name. When you do that every letter is deemed to be capitolised this is defined as Capitonym.

When in court use “The Four Corners“. but only if you are conversant with the process. When writing to them it is probably a good idea to use all lower case letters and do it as follows:

:first name-second name, ,family name:

: means nothing added or taken away

,  , Comma’s and a couple of spaces signifies the family of

Research is still ongoing into these matters.

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People who know me call me Clive

I have in my possession a piece of paper called a birth certificate and on that paper it has printed a column entitled “name if any” and in that column is written in long hand Clive Albert. At the very bottom written in red bold type appears the following statement “WARNING: A CERTIFICATE IS NOT EVIDENCE OF IDENTITY.” It also states that it is Crown Copyright. This certificate is a notice of an event which took place somewhere on a piece of land on Planet Earth. The only people with first hand knowledge of this event are now long dead, there is no affidavit of truth signed and witnessed by anyone who was present at this alleged birth so this event is hearsay.

So this Birth Certificate is the property of the Crown as is the “NAME” Therefore if we lay claim to that “NAME” on that paper in the public we are in breach of copyright right law. So why in court when asked to state the “NAME” we do so? and by doing that we lay claim to it and any liability that comes with it. Which is why you will now have to pay for the crime in some way. Do not lay claim to the “NAME” it is not yours to claim.

You can say you are “a peaceful inhabitant” and you may call me friend or whatever name you wish to be known by.

There is a process called “The Four Corners” and it goes like this:

“For and on the record, I am here for this matter under threat and duress to correct a mistake as I have never been properly noticed and I want to deal with this matter honorably.”
Here is the break down of the four corners;

1. I am here for this matter under threat and duress.
2. to correct a mistake.
3. I have never been properly noticed (No meeting of the minds)
4. so I’m here to deal with this matter honorably.

Here you will find four audio files by Wendy which will give more details of this process;

For more insight into the four corners listen to Episodes 7,8,9 and 10 on this talkshoe call;…

I believe this is our remedy for the problems humanity has. We have to learn who we are and who we are not, we must be peaceful and honorable.


I wish everyone peace.

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Exciting News Regarding Your Strawman

From the UK Column 2011 Issue 1

This article is a continuation of the non-payment of council tax saga… now in its 3rd year.

The story so far: The council have demanded council tax from me, which I have refused to pay for 3 years – on the grounds that there is no lawfully enforceable contract between me (Roger Hayes) and the council. The council is refusing to provide me with a lawful contract because they think that they have the right to demand that I pay council tax…which they do not. I am happy to pay my council tax – but only when the Council has agreed to provide me with a lawful contract… this is my right. The benefit of a contract is that it makes the council agree terms and conditions with me and prevents them acting in an arbitrary fashion i.e. it brings power back to the people.

The fact is that the council has no right to demand council tax from me (Roger Hayes) – but they DO have the right to demand it from the legal fiction MR ROGER HAYES… but that isn’t me.

If readers are not familiar with the legal fiction – please refer to previous articles or the UK Column web site .

On the 11th January 2011 in the county court of Birkenhead, in front of witnesses, the court conceded to the right of Roger Hayes to act as ‘third party representative for MR ROGER HAYES. In essence the court agreed that they were two entirely separate entities. This is an extraordinary development to put it very mildly.

The court however did not concede without putting up a very vigorous fight… this is how events unfolded in the court room.

Judge: Can we first find out who is in the court… is MR ROGER HAYES in the court?

Me: Sir, I am third party representative for MR ROGER HAYES.

Judge: Are you MR ROGER HAYES?

Me: No sir, I am third party representative for MR ROGER HAYES… you may address me as Roger.

Judge: I will not address you as Roger; I will call you MR HAYES.

Me: Sir, I am not MR HAYES, the court is required to address me as I request and I request that you address me as Roger. (NOTE – court protocol dictates that a defendant or respondent can be addressed the way they choose – the judge then referred to me as ‘the gentleman’ but avoided referring to me as MR HAYES).

Judge: If you are not MR ROGER HAYES then I will take note that MR ROGER HAYES is not represented in court.

Me: In that case sir, you will have to also note that the council is not represented in court. (NOTE – This would mean that the case would have to be dismissed, finding for the defendant, because the plaintiff had not appeared).

Judge: I can see that the council has representation in the court.

Me: Then you will have to acknowledge that MR ROGER HAYES has representation in the court. We are all equal in the eyes of the law… if council has third party representation then so does MR ROGER HAYES. The council is a corporation and so is MR ROGER HAYES.

Judge: MR ROGER HAYES is not a corporation.

Me: Yes it is.

Judge: No it isn’t, it is a PERSON.

Me: A PERSON is a corporation.

Judge: No it isn’t.

Me: Define person.

Judge: I don’t have to.

Me: Then let me do it for you sir, A PERSON  is a  corporation (NOTE: This is defined in a law dictionary). Sir, are you familiar with the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666?

Judge: I am familiar with many laws.

Me: Sir, I asked if you are familiar with the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, if you are not Sir, then with respect you are not competent to to judge in this matter and that gives rise to a claim of denial of due process.

Judge: Let’s hear from the council.

Me: Sir we can only move on to the council’s presentation when the court has confirmed that MR ROGER HAYES is represented in court.

Judge: Fine.

And the case continued… with me (Roger Hayes) acting as third party representative for the legal fiction MR ROGER HAYES and with the judge eventually telling the council to go away and prove its case. The judge was obviously very keen to avoid a charge of denial of due process i.e. a challenge to his competence. It was much easier for him to side with me and pass the buck back to the council. Smart judge.

So what does this all mean? In very simple terms, it is SEISMIC i.e. extremely significant. It means that the court has accepted that the council’s claim is against the legal fiction MR ROGER HAYES and not me, the flesh and blood man Roger Hayes. The court has also accepted that I (Roger Hayes) can act as a third party representative to defend the claim against MR ROGER HAYES.

The legal fiction cat is truly out of the bag (although for me this is the second time I have achieved this in court). If the council goes on to win its case, then the court will find against the legal fiction MR ROGER HAYES, but significantly, they will not have found against me Roger Hayes… because as the court agrees… MR ROGER HAYES is a corporation… which isn’t me. One important thing is now clearly established – I, Roger Hayes, am not liable for council tax, AND NEITHER ARE YOU.

Hat tip Captain Ranty-Freeman and Lawful Rebellion Practitioner



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