Further to my blogging about the “NAME'”, you know the name given to you by your parents which is then without full disclosure copyrighted by the Crown due to the event of your birth being recorded by the Registrar in their register of births and deaths and evidenced on the birth certificate.

Now when being dragged into one of their courts and asked what your name is you cause a controversy if you answer with the “NAME” they have recorded on their docket, which is the “NAME” on your birth certificate as that “NAME” is Crown Copyright and you just became a Pirate (Law of the Sea). You will be found guilty and will have to pay a fine or go into storage at the warehouse (Jail) for a period of time.

When you write to any government agent of whatever stripe you will also fall into the same trap, as you have been indoctrinated at school by being taught that you must capitolise the first letter of your given, middle if any, and family name. When you do that every letter is deemed to be capitolised this is defined as Capitonym.

When in court use “The Four Corners“. but only if you are conversant with the process. When writing to them it is probably a good idea to use all lower case letters and do it as follows:

:first name-second name, ,family name:

: means nothing added or taken away

,  , Comma’s and a couple of spaces signifies the family of

Research is still ongoing into these matters.

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