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My Email That I sent to Vital Statistics UK

Dear [Name Omitted]

I asked the question about the red numbers on the birth certificate because of what I've
been reading on the internet by people in the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States
who have been studying law and history for many years. Here is some of what I've been

These people
have found evidence that there is a number printed on the Certificate that
if entered on a website called fidelity com reveals the value of the individual to whom that
Certificate references.

There is also evidence that the birth certificate is a Certificate of Title, and that
the name on the certificate is a "STRAWMAN", and that the certificate is crown copyright
and is not to be used for identification purposes. I looked at mine and it does have
Crown Copyright and Not to be used for identification purposes printed on it, so at least
that part appears to be true.

They also have evidence that the "STRAWMAN" is a Corporation, a legal entity and being a
Corporation is liable to obey all statute laws and is liable for income tax, it seems all
statutes apply to the legal person! I am not a legal person, I am a real live man, and I
born equal to all other men with unalienable rights given to me by my creator that can
not be taken away by any government or any other legal entity as they are a fiction according
to these researchers and being fictions are subordinate to real live men and women.

There is evidence that the birth certificate is in fact a death certificate and that the
name on the certificate is a decedent, presumed dead and lost at sea unless by the age of seven
he or she declares himself or herself alive and well and claims his or hers estate
Cesti Que Vie act 1666.

It does look like the real live men and women are being traded on the New York Stock Exchange
and that some entities on this planet are running a Slavery System in which you, I, and our
loved ones and everyone else on the planet are being bought and sold without our consent and
without full disclosure. If my value is being traded on the New York Stock Exchange I want to
know where the hell my piece of the action is, I am the value, it's me that worked my butt
off for forty odd years for a lousy pension that I just about survive on so where is my money?

What do you think, is this true or is it false, if true wow, what's been going on these last
few hundred years since 1666, and if false why wont the "powers that be" rebut the filings that
these researchers have filed, because not one single rebuttal has been received, especially
damaging are the UCC Filings of the one peoples trust 1776.

You can check all the UCC Filings here:

The One Peoples Public Trust 1776 UCC Filings.

Cesti Que Vie Act 1666.

Strawman theory.

The One Peoples Trust Press Release.

Best regards


How to Find a UCC Filing by OPPT Trustee Caleb Skinner… REVISED

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Published on 20 Nov 2012


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