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Winston Shrout Talking about Truth of OPPT UCC Filing

I think this video should be named Winston Shrout Talking His Truth of OPPT Filing.

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OPPT-IN News Updates


If you have creative ideas for supporting the OPPT, then email:

26 February, on the OPPT-IN – Blogtalk Radio – Freedom Reigns – 25/26 Feb’ 2013, Brian mentioned that camera crews will start to be sent out in different countries, to film Courtesy Notices being delivered by hand, and the process followed.

On the OPPT-IN – Blogtalk Radio – Freedom Reigns – 25/26 Feb’ 2013, Brian mentioned:

“Speaking of Lawyers & Judges; if there are any Lawyers or Judges, or retired Lawyers & Judges, that are listening to this call, that have an interest in helping to support this movement … to establish some additional, not that we need any more credibility, but to establish perspectives from having a law background, please send me an email:

Brian Kelly –


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How Loans and Credit Cards Really Work – by White Rabbit

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Max Igan The One Peoples Public Trust – A Roundtable Discussion

Links to Courtesy Documents and Instructions:

After exercising extreme prudence, the OPPT concluded that the corporations operating under the guise of the people’sgovernment and financial systems were committing treason against the people of this planet without the people’sknowing, willing and intentional consent. Through a series of REGISTRATIONS of the BE’ing of the one people of thisplanet, the land, airs, seas and every creation thereof and therefrom, all unlawful and illegal claims of ownership andactions of management and control by the principals, agents and beneficiaries were lawfully and legally duly cancelledand foreclosed upon by their own free will choice not to remedy the damage they had caused. The final report from theinvestigation is to be found here:

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A Detailed Explanation Of What One Peoples Public Trust 1776 is

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Regaining Control of Your Agent in Commerce

For those who want to take control of their strawman DEBTOR follow these links below. The first link is an explanation and steps
necessary to file your UCC1 financing statement including the necessary private agreements. There are example documents of every
step in the procedure.

disclaimer: If you are inclined to use this procedure then you do so at your own risk.

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Critical Mass Radio Conference Time To Act 2 Rebel Alliance

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