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Dr. Steven Greer – Update

Director: Disclosure Project, Cseti and Orion Project

Director: Disclosure Project, Cseti and Orion Project

This show by Dr. Greer and Dr. Loder explains how and why the Intellectual Property Office uses two sections of their code to suppress inventions that would have allowed the world to live in abundance without pollution that is endangering the our planet and putting us and our planet into terminal decline.

All of us are victims of a few family’s who have decided that they are entitled to govern the whole planet by fear and suppression of anything that would put in jeopardy the status quo. We all know the Family’s involved in this criminal activity and we all know that there are some  high level government players who are making laws to enable this fear and suppression.

I can’t stress enough that we must understand what is going on and please click on the link and listen to what Dr. Greer and Dr. Loder have to say and do whatever you can to support this effort for the sake of your children and grand children’s future.

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