Rodney Class – Letter To The Navy

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Executive Office
Rodney-Dale; Class, Beneficiary to the Trust
432 North Lincoln Street
City of, High Shoals
National State of, North Carolina

Attn: Naval Judge Advocate General
Naval District Washington
624 Warrington Ave., SE
Bldg. 183, 3rd Floor
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5033
Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Trust, Trustee
U.S. Navy
Pentagon, Washington, DC 20350


Dear Gentlemen / Sirs,

Sirs, let me address this issue from another perspective or point of view. It is my
belief that our approach to your office may have been in error on how to address the
issues that we have put before you. I am aware of several different groups that have come
before the military and have asked for your assistance to address the corruption in the
violations of those who hold public office. The People are trying to restore the Republic
but we lack the enforcement to do so. I believe the previous intent to have your position
solve this problem for the People may have been the wrong approach as it is in conflict
with your military status to those who hold public office.

Let me propose a different line of thought here referring back to General Orders
No. 100, better known as the Lieber Code, that was created by Pres. Abraham Lincoln.
Under the Lieber Code it is my understanding that all courts are military courts as all
courts are flying an Army regulation 840-10 administrative flag under the authority of the
Executive office. My thoughts behind this new approach is to utilize the military court. I
hold a position as a Private Attorney General under the 1866 Vindication and Civil
Rights Act of the 39th Congress. This Congressional act gives me the authority to step in
when the states fail or the government fails to uphold and protect the rights of the
citizens. This Congressional act allows me to act as a prosecutor and to be able to bring
charges on those who hold public office and hold them accountable for their misdeeds
and misconduct in breach of their Trustee duties as fiduciaries. As written in the Lieber
Code, this includes insurrection and rebellion, and misuse of their/that public office in
order to abuse and to incite a riot among the peaceful inhabitants.

I am coming to you as a Private Attorney General in the name of the People of the
United States of America and what I am about to propose to you is that you afford us a
military court in order to restore the Republic form of government. What we lack, on our
side, is the ability of enforcement and with your help in a military court we can go back
in as private citizens (the People) and with me, as a Private Attorney General in the name
of the People of the United States of America, we now could prosecute those and hold
them accountable for their wrongdoing. By the People being able to prosecute those who
hold public office, and bring them up on charges of breach of their fiduciary duty and
acts of treason in violation of the Lieber Code under General Orders No. 100, this would
help restore the Republic without military intervention other than allowing us access to a
court that would allow us to prosecute and attempt to bring these people to justice. This
would allow a jury of the violators’ peers, which are the People who sit in the jury box, to
hear the testimony against these individuals, thereby ensuring that this action is being
done by the People and not by the military. The 14th Amendment, section 4 has a clause
in it concerning a bounty against insurrection and rebellion, and that no money should be
taken out of the Treasury. This complies with the Confiscation Act of 1861 and would
allow us to confiscate their property and everything they own to pay for these hearings,
trials, and fines imposed, and put the money back into the Treasury to help pay back the
Public Debt. This should be agreeable with your offices as this is what the 14th
Amendment bounty is for.

By the People being able to have a court that will allow and accomplish
accountability on the corrupt public officials this will keep the military in a neutral
position and the military would be able to supervise and control the situation of what’s
going on. This court would also allow the People to restore the property and natural
resources that have been taken from this country by unlawful means by those who have
used their public offices to pillage, plunder and loot the resources of this country, and
have used the revenue from this for their own private gain and not for the Public good.
I personally, at this time, am involved and four cases involving the US
government or state government for corruption and procedural violations of their own
codes, rules and regulations. The problem that we’re having is that the government will
not convict their own and will not hold their own accountable; this makes it impossible
for the People to restore order with those who hold public office when those who hold
these positions disregard their own procedures and laws when it comes to their own. The
judges are making rulings from the bench on behalf of the state when the state fails to
defend, dispute or rebut any of the facts and law placed before the court. Justice is
required to be blind with a set of scales and a two edged sword. The judges of these court
cases have come to the defense of the state or the government and acted as their attorneys
and make arguments on behalf of the state or the government when their side actually
fails to plead. This, gentleman, is known as a sham court system that violates the “honest
service” clause under the federal statutes Title 18, section 1346.

Let me address one of the cases I’m involved in now: A man and his wife have a
common-law marriage out in Oregon. The husband took the wife into an emergency
room because she got off her medication. While she was in the emergency room the state
stepped in and locked her up in a mental institution, and has administered and kept this
women on drugs. Now the state has come back in and has claimed their home, all their
properties, and has charged the husband for trying to get his wife released from the
mental institution where she’s been held for over 2 1/2 to 3 years. Because of his efforts,
the husband has been charged, placed in jail, charged court costs, charged bail, had to be
bonded, placed on probation and no contact order was issued regarding his wife. All
avenues of trying to take it through the court system have been met with retaliation and
hostilities because this man has tried to file paperwork to get his wife out of the mental
institution. The family, also, has been disallowed to have any contact with her
whatsoever. This is just one case. I know of many cases like this. Now, when you walk
into an emergency room in any hospital, does one run the risk of being locked up ? Does
one also run the risk of being placed into a mental institution and then find out that your
home, your kids, your family becomes the property of the state ? Should the state be
allowed to come in and take everything because you walk into emergency room ? You
don’t think this can happen, well here’s the current case: District of Columbia Court of
Appeals, 430 E Street, N.W. Washington, D.C.,Case No. 10-CV-800, Delant Cory:
Palmerton, Irl Carolyn: Coyne /Rousseau. Gentlemen, where is the protection for the
People when the government can do this to you: administer drugs to you so that you
appear incompetent when you are taken to court because they drugged you out of your
mind ?

In our research, we have discovered under Title 7, United States Code,
Agriculture, section 136, that the people of America (natural persons; actual God created
“human beings”) are being classified and deemed to be “animals” therefore justifying the
government to do whatever they want. The People are, literally, classified as “chattel” of
the government: “(d) Animal – The term “animal” means all vertebrate and invertebrate
species, including but not limited to man and other mammals, birds, fish, and shellfish.”
I am also involved in another case where a gentleman purchased a home for half a
million dollars and went back and did a forensic audit on it. He has discovered, through
this forensic audit, that the bank has made $93 million off of the half million dollar loan.
Gentleman, not one cent was paid in taxes by the bank and none of it went in to pay off
the Public Debt. There is another gentleman, that I’m working with, who has a $1.5
million home and they also did a forensic audit on it and discovered another obscenely
high amount of profit (approximately $200 million) that that bank has made off of that
loan without ANY tax implication.

I am involved in another case, in California, where a doctor brought charges
against the state under a Title 42 lawsuit, and the state has retaliated against her by
unlawful imprisonment, excessive bonds and bail, confiscation of property, personal
attacks on her, false imprisonment, and so on, etc. Gentlemen, where do the People go to
address these issues ? It would seem that the People have no courts, no government, no
agency, no nothing. The system is, obviously, in violation of General Orders No. 100, the
Lieber Code (your manual of procedure). Gentlemen, there is no way to fix this problem
short of violent action. Allow me, as a Private Attorney General, to bring in others of my
standing and allow us to bring these violators before a proper military court and start
prosecuting and holding them accountable on these grounds and charges.

I am offering an alternative avenue to address, approach and solve this problem.
I’m asking the Navy and the Naval JAG Department to consider my proposal as a positive
alternative to a solution in fixing these problems. Gentlemen, you have documents before
you now that were filed by me into the Coast Guard against the Governor of each State
and the President. The Coast Guard has NOT recognized, addressed or answered my
issues presented to them. It would be the People that would be bringing the charges and
prosecuting those in violation of their trustee and fiduciary duties to the trust. In this
manner the military would be fulfilling its obligation to the People (as outlined by the
Lieber Code) by assisting the peaceful inhabitants in eliminating unwarranted retaliation,
insurrection, rebellion and Treason on the part of the violators, and, by these peaceful
means, it would restore and bring the Republic back to the land through constitutional,
statutory and procedural means as defined in your own laws and regulations.

Gentleman, I have case, after case after case, after case, after case, that I could
bring before a military court and it wouldn’t take very long, at that rate, to see the
Republic restored back to the People when those holding the democracy side realize that
their tyranny has come to an end. I come before you as a human being, a living breathing
man, a child of God, and one that inhabits this nation. As I put in my first letter, I do not
want to play the Native American card of “white man speaks with forked tongue,”
gentlemen, I want to hold an open, honest dialogue. I do not want to have to choose my
words, but to be able to talk plain, simple language with you people; human being to
human being, a living and breathing man to other living and breathing men and women, a
child of God, and one that inhabits (and whose forebearers created and formed) this
nation. This letter, however, is not plain talk, this is me choosing my words very

The Bible character called Gideon is a prime example of what I’m trying to
accomplish. Gideon was forced into a battle against his will. The result was that he
solved the problem and then went back out to work in his field. Gideon’s way caused
bloodshed, killings, violence and a campaign of war declared on the Kingdom, but
nevertheless this is in the Bible and God backed it up and let it happen. We are better
than this. Gideon did not do this to become a King or Lord or some kind of hierarchy but
was forced, like so many of us, into this conflict. I am a firm believer that if the people
would be allowed to hold court with the military’s help it would not take very many trials
for the violator’s side to see the errors of their ways. The People are afraid to pick up
arms. Why ? Because WE would be facing our military on the other end of a gun, and the
People are not wrong in wanting fair justice, but we should not have to face our military
when you hold trusteeship. Your oath requires you to defend the citizens against “all
enemies, both foreign and domestic.” It would seem that We (the people) have here a
“domestic enemy” problem..

Gentlemen, please, get back with me on this proposal as this seems the only
solution that would be reasonable and intelligent, and, perhaps, workable at this point in
time. Let the People solve this problem with your assistance and let the People handle
this. All we’re asking is for is door to be opened to allow us to do this. Give us our
enforcement, give us a court to bring these issues before. Let the People try the violators,
prosecute them, and judge them according to their works. Let the People have their day in
court, let the People restore this country. You have nothing to lose, and you may well see
the fear in those who are brought before a lawful court to be tried under the Lieber Code,

As the Lieber Code states in the last sentence of page 4 in the “INSTRUCTIONS
prepared by Francis Lieber, LL.D., (Originally issued as GENERAL ORDERS No. 100,
Adjutant General’s Office, 1863) and published by the Government Printing Office,
Washington in 1898, “To save the country is paramount to all other considerations.”
For some insight on who I am, look on the Internet; look up my name as this will
tell you if I am qualified or not to be a prosecutor for these cases.

Thank you for your time, and gentlemen, please get back to me at 704 742 3123.
I am going to be in Maryland on the 4th and 5th and in DC June 6-10th and going
to lobby Congress and would like to make contact with both of your offices, either in
private, or in one of your offices, to talk over this issue. The Maryland dates are a
Seminar that we’ll be conducting. Please feel free to come to it and see for yourselves. If
you show up just ask for me so I know who you are.

June 4-5, Time: From 8:00 A.M. To 6:00 P.M. (Lunch 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M.)
Ramada Conference Center
1700 Van Bibber Road, (Exit 77, right off I-95),
Edgewood, Maryland 21040

Executive Office
Rodney-Dale; Class, Beneficiary to the Trust
432 North Lincoln Street
City of, High Shoals
National State of, North Carolina

Naval Judge Advocate General
Naval District Washington
624 Warrington Ave., SE
Bldg. 183, 3rd Floor
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5033
Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Trust, Trustee
U.S. Navy
Pentagon, Washington, DC 20350

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