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As an investigative research specialist I have been, for over a decade now, following the money trail so to
speak of the who, what, when, where, how, and why crucial elements of America’s financial slow death.
This research has not been an easy task but through persistence and perseverance it has been fruitful. With
the assistance of many others across America and Canada on this same quest our combined work exposing this
devious plan to overthrow the world through financial domination has now been nearly fully exposed, the key
players now stand naked before us with nowhere to run and certainly nowhere to hide.
This paper will not provide the reader with all the documented evidence gathered though the years,
however, it will provide the pattern exposing the means, method, motive, opportunity and intent of this diabolical
event that has left no corner of the world unaffected.
The reader must understand that it took centuries and generations to get where we are today, which is
nearly the peak and grand finale of this attempted one world order. In following a pattern of crime one must always
follow the money, This will be explained to the reader how this international theft has converted everything of
monetary value into the few and mighty, known as the “Banksters.”
Some of the documents read to follow this trail date back to 1199. Others date to 1213, that being the “
Magna Carta 12151” ‘“The Privileges and Prerogatives Granted by Their Catholic Majesties to Christopher
Columbus April 30, 1492”2 also is part of the evidence exposing this worldwide fraud.
Numerous Charters read are dated in the 1600’s, including; “The First Charter of Virginia April 10 1606,”
“The Second Virginia Charter 23 May 1609”, “The Third Charter of Virginia; March 12, 1611,” “The Charter of
New England : 1620,” “Charter for the Province of Pennsylvania-1681,” “Charter of the Corporation of the Bank of
England 1694,”3
In 1826 came the Bankruptcy Law which came under “Agriculture”.
Additionally, documents dating back to 1863 include the letters to and from The Rothschilds found in
“Vindication” and further explained in “A Country Defeated In Victory Part II (see pages 2-6)by James
Montgomery.”4 The letters found in these documents even include the mathematical formula the Rothschild’s
crafted showing intent and how the bank notes will provide such a great profit no one could resist the investment
and those uneducated will bear the brunt of the burden.
Also put into play in 1863 is the First Bank Act, that of which Abraham Lincoln could see what the future
held for America and drafted The Lieber Code, also known as General Order 1005. President Lincoln placed the
military in charge of Americas real money protecting the assets from the cancerous international bankers
spreading to anyone coming in contact with the toxic Rothschilds blood with no antidote but for those blue bloods.
In 1867 The Reconstruction Act was passed placing the country under military authority, to which
Andrew Johnson vehemently opposed and drafted his veto.
In 1907, The Corporation Trust Company of America was created as a Delaware Corporation, later
amended on April 15th 1930 to The Corporation Trust Company, now omitting the words “of America” as it now
1 h ttp://
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4 `Vindication’, pages 168-179, by Judge Rutherford [and appeared in a St. Louis Mo. in the 1890’s:]
5 THE LIEBER CODE of April 24, 1863 also known as Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field,
General Order No 100, or Lieber Instructions signed by President Abraham Lincoln


had become a worldwide Corporation through which every deed, document, contract and securities is funneled6.
…. “To keep and maintain safe deposit vaults and boxes and to take and receive
upon deposit for safe keeping and storage stacks, bonds, securities, papers, books and
documentary records and personal property of every sort or kind, and to let out vaults,
sages and other receptacles.
To promote, reorganize or otherwise assist and afford facilities to any company or
companies organized or to be organized under the laws of the State of Delaware or
elsewhere and desiring to do business in the State of Delaware and elsewhere, and to act
as the agent, trustee or otherwise for and in behalf of such corporation”….
In addition to the above reference documents numerous Congressional Records were also diligently
studied to obtain evidence of a pattern of fraud committed worldwide. Some of those Congressional records are
The Federal Reserve Act of 19137, and Trading with the Enemy Act of19178
“…On May 23, 1933, Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges against the Board of
Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, The Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of United
States Treasury for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to, CONSPIRACY, FRAUD, UNLAWFUL
The petition for Articles of Impeachment as thereafter referred to the Judiciary Committee and has
The U.S. Bankruptcy of 1933 is yet another key in this expose’ of international fraud committed by the few
elitists claiming all worldly rights.
Also part of this devious plan is The Bankruptcy Act of June 27-28 1934;
“…To amend an Act entitled “An Act to establish a uniform system of bankruptcy
throughout the United States”, approved July 1, 1898, and Acts amendatory
thereof and supplementary thereto.”…..10
June 28, 1934,.Is.3550.1,[Public, No. 486.]
Even further documented evidence supporting the intent of world domination is shown through the
Congressional Record of 1940.11 This document shows that the vying parties were the Jewish money changers and
the English Colonists, which were explained in greater detail in the Charters listed above.
After 1940 in this intentional chain of events comes the International Organizations Immunities Act of
December 9, 194512
In 1946 the United Nations Charter was drafted, but the US Bankruptcy of 1933 shows that that act was
done through The UN, which for anyone who can do the math will clearly see was 13 years before the UN existed,
further establishing the intent, forethought and malice in the plot to rule the entire world through the Rothschild’s
International Banks, already indebted to the Vatican, which would now be aiding and abetting as a co conspirator
6 Certificate of Incorporation of Corporation Trust Company of America, 26th day of March 1907
7 Federal Reserve Act, 1913
8 Trading with the Enemy Act Oct 6, 1917-HR 4960
9 Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation Remarks in Congress, 1934 AN ASTOUNDING EXPOSURE
10 CONGRESS. SESS. I. C S. 868, 869. JUNE 27, 28, 1934. 1289
11 US Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates of the 76th Congress, Monday August 19, 1940 Third Session, Debate of Honorable
Judge Thorkleson, Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and International Strife—Part I
12 International Organizations Immunities Act, December 9, 1945 AN ACT To extend certain privileges, exemptions, and immunities to
international organizations and to the officers and employees thereof, and for other purposes


as the Vatican is also known as “Banco Vaticano,” meaning Vatican Bank.
There are so many documents providing irrefutable evidence of this intent to control the world’s wealth by
the banks that the reader would become overwhelmed before even getting to the best part of this plot.
Though between 1946 and today, there is just as much evidence to disclose of the continued bank fruad
that it would be easier to incorporate in entirety by reference previously entered documents and testimony as public
records by those across America who have provided the [courts] additional supporting facts and records but since
the courts are acting by/for/with/through/under the banks the cover up that exists is greater than or equal to the
initial diabolical plan itself.
The phrase”He who owns the gold makes the rules” certainly applies here. This includes, making, taking,
faking and hiding the gold, wherein there is no honor among these thieves.
Now that the plan is exposed by diligently following the paper trail left behind by these careless actors the
reader should now turn to definitions employed so deceitfully the average person scans right over the evidence not
catching the twisted version of truth right before their eyes. Watch and learn how this is done.
Definitions to pay close attention to, now with a different perspective will be addressed. Again, the entire
Webster’s Dictionary could be thrown in here as well as Black’s Law Book, but not to confuse the reader only those
terms directly relevant to this intentional bank fraud by design will be addressed. However, the readers initiative to
delve deeper is urged.
Operative words are; ”DEBT” that which is common to nearly all as the plan is to keep one under that
immovable boulder. This word is defined in Black’s Law Book, Abridged Fifth Edition as;
“A sum of money due by certain and express agreement. A specified sum of money owing to one
person from another, including not only obligation of debtor to pay but right of creditor to
receive and enforce payment. Bankruptcy Act § 101 (11).”
Note this refers back to the Bankruptcy Act. This Act placed the American people as the Creditors, and the
United States as the Obligator, the debtor,. It was established that Americans signatures were to be used as credit,
BUT,. the other side of the coin is that the United States and their Trustees, were to charge off ALL debts. As in
any bankruptcy.
What in fact has occurred instead, is, the thievery through fraudulent securitization of Americans and all
other countries people (See Corporation Trust Company) by use of the peoples signatures, but not charging off the
For example, when paying utility bills now employing the newly discovered extrinsic evidence, it is
clearly obvious to anyone that a utility bill is sent to the individual, who then either writes a check, or pays the
“bill” in Federal Reserve Notes (See the Letters to/from The Rothschild’s). Now the utility company takes that
“Note”, and converts it into a “Convertible Debt”
“Convertible Debt”
“Debt which may be changed or converted by creditor into another form of security, e.g. Shares
of stock.”
This now shows that after paying one’s utility “bill” with nothing more than another debt, the
utility company has now converted the Corporation into the Creditor, and the person paying the “bill” is
now unknowingly becoming the debtor, but the Comptroller of the Currency, The US Treasury and the
United States as the Obligator have not charged off any of the debt, but rather reinvested into their own
private Corporations for municipal bonds and grants etc, dealing those profits out to themselves, after


fraudulently converting and stealing from the people who are, in fact, the Creditors of the US Bankruptcy
of 1933, and whom Abraham Lincoln protected by drafting The Lieber Code.
This is how the theft of Americas wealth is being committed right under everyone’s nose and right before
their eyes. Additionally found in Black’s Law under “Debt” “Fraudulent Debt”
“Fraudulent Debt”
“A debt created by fraud. Such a debt implies confidence and deception. It implies that it arose out of a
contract, express or implied, and that fraudulent practices were employed by the debtor, by which the
creditor was defrauded.”
Again, this is clearly explained above, however the reader should be grasping this intentional fraud and
becoming aware how this has been played against anyone ever paying any utility bill in America. Utilities, by the
way include; water, sewer, electricity, telephone, and department of transportation.
In order for these thieving International, National, Federal, local or subsidiary banks to access the true
Creditors, that being the people of America, and this does apply around the world as well, this twisted truth by
intentional fraud is so blatant and egregiously committed that even the local police and or sheriff departments are
oblivious to the crimes committed using them as enforcers of and co conspirators in this racketeering operation, a
design crafted originally by the Rothschild’s, and their banks including key players not limited to Federal Reserve
Banks and JP Morgan, Prescott Bush, Union Bank, to name a few employing all the utility companies as the
partners in crime, before, during and after the fact, committing and partaking in “Funded Debts”
“Funded Debts”
“Debt represented by bonds or other securities”.
Utility companies fraudulently receive what the utility customer believed to have been a payment for
services provided, but it was all actually a fraud committed by the utility company turning the true creditor into a
debtor through fraudulent means, then cashing in the “Notes” for “real money”, then further yet fraudulently
pocketing those ill gotten gains deeper into their Corporation fraudulently converting into and obtaining bonds,
which may include municipal bonds for developments, further placing the American people (and other countries
people) into debt upon moving into such buildings now considered “The Debtor in Possession.”
This entire devious plan is so well orchestrated as the Rothschild’s explained so much money was to be
made the average people wouldn’t understand but bear the brunt of the burden as defined pages 2-6 in “13”
The definition of “Debt” now takes the reader to “Debenture”
“A promissory note or bond backed by the general credit of a corporation and usually not
secured by a mortgage or lien on any specific property.
Certificate issued by customs to an importer for the deduction or refund of duties on
merchandise imported and then exported by such importer.”
This then defines “Convertible Debenture”
“Convertible Debenture”
“Debenture which may be changed or converted into some other security (e.g. stock) usually at
the option of the holder.”
13 A Country Defeated in Victory Part II


The reader should easily follow this deceitful trail now clearly seeing the path of destruction left
behind these bankers and every utility company, fraudulently turning every American, and all the people
around the world into a “Debtor,” themselves into the “Creditor” and fraudulently converting Americans
and all the other countries assets into liabilities with the bankers intent to own the world through debt.
Take this another step further. All licenses that Americans are “ordered” to have are also based
on this US Bankruptcy Act of 1933 that was designed to rob the people.
However, licenses were another way to securitize on the people’s signatures, as are any credit
cards the reader my own, again, the debts were to be discharged bu have been fraudulently converted into
private corporate stocks, bonds, securities and other profits, then underhandedly shifted into other
unsuspecting countries to commit the same as a perpetual Ponzi scheme that has no beginning or end, the
Alpha-Omega of all crimes against mankind, that is until the second coming of Christ, for which this
author awaits anxiously.
This expose’ isn’t through yet. The reader may now employ all of this newly discovered
evidence, hopefully explained to a clear level of understanding, incorporating this same game of
securitization fraud, but now overlay it over the judicial system.
Every single court across this country is a co conspirator to this sinister crime of perpetuity. How
so one might ask? Federal judges are signing standing orders to invest all the court cases through the
Court Registry Investment System, directly deposited into the Federal Reserve Bank located in
Dallas/Houston, Texas.
Every court case is assigned, by the court administrator, a US Treasury Public Debt number,
placed onto the court document, including but not limited to traffic citations, after the unknowing
participants in the case have received their copy of the same, but without the added monetary
transformation of that instrument into a financial transaction, which is the definition of a securitization.
After the Public Debt number is obtained, which now converts the instrument into a counterfeit
obligation pursuant to USC TITLE 18 § 472 et seq.473;474;, now the court administrator additionally
counterfeits the same obligation by adding a CUSIP© number.
CUSIP© is the acronym for Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures. It is a
copyrighted registered trademark of The American Bankers Association. This means only one of two
things. Firstly being the court administrators are knowingly committing copyright infringement violations
in addition to uttering counterfeit obligations, and/or secondly that the court administrator must
obviously be a member of the CUSIP©.
Now the courts have fraudulently converted every court case into a banking financial securities
instrument, fraudulently converting the court into the creditor position and the respondent/plaintiff in the
matter now unknowingly converted into the debtor. To make matters even worse for th judges, they are
acting with a vested interest with insider knowledge as insider trading in addition to violations of judicial
Further still, judges are to act without bias, to make rulings on the merit of argument, but instead
are making financial investments on every case, knowing the exact meaning of every number and/letter
applied to and now written on the face of the instrument in all cases in the form of the CUSIP© and are
now ruling based on futures rather than rule of law, evidence, oral or written argument.
Additionally, the courts are also committing tax fraud by shifting the debt created by every
particular case back onto the individual who is the actual Creditor, then fraudulently conveying the case
into an investment instrument to be deposited into the Dallas Houston Texas Federal Reserve which now
shifts money from the Creditor side of the transaction into the pockets of the Debtors side, deceptively
laundered now as a fraudulent debt into Corporate assets, converted again into bonds, stocks, and grants
given back to the county deceptively through the Department of Transportation now squeaky clean after


the laundry process. (Please refer to “Debenture,” “Convertible Debenture” and all the other definitions
listed above.)
This “Analysis of a Country Embezzled” is but only a summarized version so as not to burden
the reader with centuries of skilfully drafted plans and other devious activities of the Banks that even
Abraham Lincoln acted to protect us from paying the ultimate price as a result.
The reader should take the initiative to research all the key utility companies. For gas and
electricity, start with ENRON. For telecommunications, start with ENRON. For wind and turbine, start
with ENRON.
Bear in mind the reader should also follow the judicial fraud deep into the federation of county
state municipal employees. This is a union dues paid membership union that includes correctional
facilities. This goes clear into The Federal Prison Industry Inc, dba as UNICOR.
When researching UNICOR, start with ENRON, end with Halliburton. The reader may choose to
cross reference some of the Clinton’s numerous entities found in Delaware, where one my find the missing
16 metric tons of gold that inadvertently was “redirected” en route to China, mistakenly replaced with
tungsten, another fraudulent conveyance from the actual Creditors the Americans people, the Debtors,
that being the banks, federal employees pursuant to section 3 of the 14th amendment as Trustees, and
other county, state, city and other government are now wrongfully in possession.
The intent of this article is to show the reader how to follow the evidence of the crimes
perpetrated against the American people beginning with the International Bankers who slyly infiltrated
this country via England by/through drafting treasonous legislation to take that which is not theirs.
There is no statute of limitations on fraud. And the second coming of the Messiah is closer than one thinks.

All God given rights reserved in perpetuity
May 26, 2011
By ;jeanette-audrey;[triplett]

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