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The Misuse of Trusts

Trusts have been used since Roman times as a means of transferring and preserving property. The word “trust” comes from the Latin word, “trucido” which means to kill, slaughter, or murder wantonly.

This nicely points out that trusts have always created as much havoc as they prevented, as donors of property changed their minds, trustees proved themselves greedy and dishonest, and beneficiaries were often killed so that the trustees or someone else could inherit

For these reasons, trusts fell out of use until the Roman Catholic Church revived them during the Crusades. Having somehow concluded that killing for Jesus made sense, they brought back the use of trusts as means to hold the property of Crusaders who rode to uncertain ends and for equally uncertain periods of time.

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Spiritual Economics Now » More on “Accounts”

In California, the people complained that the “undocumented Mexican immigrants”, aka “illegal aliens”, were causing violence, crimes, vandalism, etc. and the cops and the courts were doing nothing about it. It seemed as if “illegal aliens” were the problem. But, the District Attorney said, “Anything short of murder we won’t prosecute.” If only the people knew what he meant, they would shift their rage from the “illegal aliens” to the DA and his ilk.

“Undocumented” means there is no trust account to charge, which is why the government wants them all to have driver licences. The DA won’t prosecute because he can’t; there is nothing and no one to charge. Men and women cannot be charged; only trust accounts can be charged and, since there is no account, due to no documents to create them, there is no way to make money off these “immigrants”. Murder is a different story. This means the “illegals” took out of the commerce game someone with an account and so, in that case, the DA will prosecute. Wait until the people of California figure out that the real “problem” of the “undocumented Mexican immigrants” is, as always, “ALL ABOUT MONEY”.

What about the cost to repair and compensate?  Well, it comes from the Public Trust, as does everything else which requires public funding. They want us connected to ‘Named’ trust accounts which make up the Public Trust, solely to confiscate our cash. This is tantamount to “uninsured” drivers or people without passports. We don’t really require car insurance or passports because all payments for damages come from the public trust which WE have ALREADY funded. Causing us to believe that we are “personally liable” is how they steal our cash.

The job of government is to convince us that we have to pay, when everything is already ‘paid’. The sole purpose of government is cash-confiscation (demanded by the IMF/WB/BIS as ‘interest’).  The means by which they accomplish this is to sell us their public benefits which not only are prepaid but also cost us vastly more than their inherent value to us.

via Spiritual Economics Now » More on “Accounts”.

Now apply the above to every Country who has problems with illegal immigrants to realise why certain Countries like the “UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION” love to have legal and illegal immigration, it’s all about  “THE MONEY ” along with divide and rule.


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