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DEBTORS to the One People’s Public Trust 1776 (OPPT) – UCC Financing Statement

DEBTORS to the One People’s Public Trust 1776 (OPPT) – UCC Financing Statement.


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Download the “BANNED” OPPT WIKI

Reblogged from Streets of Love – unconventional Download the “BANNED” OPPT WIKI.

The One People’s Public Trust (TOPPT) has created and filed legal documents based on The Law of One, Universal Law, and the UCC that affect every human living in the territories of North America, and therefore, all living creature on Earth. It states, in effect, each Human is a manifestation of the Creator Source, and as such is a Creator, and is NOT subordinate to any artificial principality or corporate fiction.

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Our Countries are Corporations

Our Countries are Corporations.

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“D” Of Removing The Shackles Makes it All Crystal Clear with a Status Update from RTS Jan 24 – OPPT

This is just two paragraphs from “D’s” Blog please review the whole article at Removing The Shackles.

When I got in touch with Heather, Trustee for The People’s Trust, for the first time, it was like speaking to my best friend whom I hadn’t seen in a year or two.  There was an instant connection that was unbelievably intense.  When I read the UCC documents and each of the Releases that have been filed, they jumped out at me like fireworks- while I struggled with the legalese and the non-3D language of the documents, I KNEW at the deepest level of consciousness that THIS is what I had been waiting for to happen.

As we discussed more and more of the background of OPPT, the Trustees, and the current Intel, Heather and I didn’t always see eye to eye on everything.  I had a smug superiority over everything to do with the RV and the new system, thinking that I really had a much better understanding of all that had been happening (and to Heather’s credit, she didn’t laugh at me even once!!). Heather was the epitome of saintly patience as I explained to her over and over that NESARA would be announced and that everything would be wonderfully fixed.

Thank you “D” this post gives me some clarity on what is happening with regard to The One Peoples Trust 1776.

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