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An Open Letter to Corporate Executives: What the EVENT Means for Humanity – and You

(Preface – I would like to see “business ethics” no longer be an oxymoron. The day needs to come (and it IS coming) when the legal rights of a single person are greater than that of a corporation. Modern-day court decisions have given corporations all the rights of a person with little of the legal or moral responsibility.

This unwarranted legal interpretation has been used to its fullest extent over the past two centuries. It has enabled the modern corporation to become the most powerful legal form of wealth transfer in human history. They are perfect mechanisms for doing so, because even though they are often traded “publicly”, they have clearly evolved over time to benefit the few at the expense of the many – always able to hide behind ‘personhood’ or by providing lip service about ‘giving back’ while extracting as much as possible from the communities and countries where they are located.

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THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE Letter to every police force Chief Constable reporting HIGH TREASON

Hi, All

We have now formulated a letter to send every police force Chief Constable, copied to all Police Federation groups and Police Authorities. It is to request they all work in unison to investigate and arrest certain senior politicians such as Tony Blair, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, John Major and others for their treason against us and our country as has already been reported to the police forces.

For this letter to be effective we want as many people as possible to agree to have their name and postcode attached to it by way of a petition. The reason for including the postcode is to show that signatories are genuine and not contrived. The postcodes will also show that people from all over the country are in agreement.
A copy of the final letter with all the signatories included will be sent to each of those signatories so that they will be aware of how many other people are included and to whom the letter went.

We ask that this letter be sent to everybody you know likely to be in agreement with it, so they too would have the opportunity to support this proposal. This could be a powerful piece of information to the wider public many of whom may not presently be aware of the ongoing treachery or that there are many people across the country determined to bring it to an end. I’m sure there are very many people to whom we can all send this.

Please will everyone reply to me directly at within seven days (30 September) saying simply, “Yes, please include me” and please include your post code.

Many thanks.

Rex Poulton

For the Attention of the Chief Constable

Dear Chief Constable

You will be aware that a large number of people across the country have reported the major crime of High Treason committed by senior politicians. Many of these public spirited people now support this email by adding their names and post codes at the bottom.

We are aware that Chief Constables may have limited knowledge of Constitutional and Common Law thus creating a difficulty in knowing how to handle such allegations. The most important issue to understand is that absolutely nobody is above the law – this includes Her Majesty The Queen, the Prime Minister and the Commissioner of Police. The sworn police oath and duty are to investigate all reported crimes. We do understand that treason is no ordinary crime and that care must be taken to diligently investigate it. There is however, ample evidence in the public domain which makes this crime quite clear. What is happening, is that because it is a relatively unknown crime Chief Constables are tending to sweep it under the carpet and in so doing, are committing the major offence of Misprision of Treason. Through media suppression, the public are generally still not aware of it. But as more people come to recognise what is going on, it is only a matter of time before the pressure becomes overwhelming.

May we suggest that Chief Constables resolve to discuss our treason allegations collectively and to investigate them in unison ? This would remove all possibility of recrimination from Government or political parties as neither has authority to prevent police enquiry and massive public support would be assured just as with the MPs’ expenses scandal. The difficulty is that politicians arrogantly believe themselves above reproach and that no mechanism exists that could bring them to account. We know that there is. It is the law – and we have already supplied you with it. With mounting public awareness, neither the public nor their claims will now go away.

These politicians are doing their best to destroy our well-trained police service with swingeing cuts in manpower and resources so to bring about privatisation. The catalogue of disasters that they have dispassionately overseen and allowed to befall the country is legion. It has been due entirely to our illegal membership of the EU at their behest and their subservience to a higher agenda. Among their disasters are the corrupt banking system, our recession and austerity, the ruination of our fishing, farming and heavy industries and worst of all, Her Majesty’s loss of sovereignty to the EU and the billions criminally wasted on the EU each year. Repeated surveys show that over 80% of British people blame our politicians for Britain’s parlous situation that we have not authorised or ever would. All those who throughout history have fought for and secured the numerous documents comprising our Constitution would be mortified to see its indifferent violation by their political successors.

Public respect and support for the police has historically been very high and we see how the public have reacted to the recent tragic events in Manchester. Much of Britain’s crime is perpetrated by people invited without limit from overseas. The high level of foreign criminals filling our prisons testify to this and result directly from the actions of our treacherous politicians. If Chief Constables realised, public support would but for these corrupt politicians, unquestioningly enable the proper funding and resources for the police in their task of protecting us. Privatisation is a political construct designed to destroy.

Andrew Mitchell’s recent disgraceful outburst at a police officer is indicative of senior MPs’ contempt for the police – and the public. We believe such behaviour is born of politicians’ arrogance that they are above the law despite growing public anger at the decades of treason they have committed. The Metropolitan Police Federation comment that Mitchell was “lucky not to have been arrested” confirms that every constable has authority to arrest even senior ministers in Downing Street. We totally support the Police Federation Paul McKeever’s reaction that “It is hard to fathom how someone who holds the police in such contempt could be allowed to hold a public office”.

Our country does not belong to the Queen, the Government or the Palace of Westminster. Our Constitution clearly shows that it belongs to the people. The other three govern it only in trust for us. We therefore call upon the Chief Constables as servants of Her Majesty and her people to uphold their solemn oath and the law of the land, in the knowledge that the public will be totally behind them.



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