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Email to my Minister of Health


A couple of things, firstly I realised I had not given this context, so this is an email I recently sent to Godfrey the living man, however I now discover that there has been a change
to the Office holder and it’s now Chris Fearne therefore it’s probably going to be ignored and probably thrown in file thirteen (13). So what I’m going to do write it out on paper
changing the name of the Office holder to Chris Fearne,and send it via recorded mail with proof of post, along with the quantum grammar flag top left, a cancelled one Euro
stamp on the top right hand side and a blue thumbprint over my autograph bottom right, making this my Notice and seal. This gives value to the notice which is a vessel in the
sea of space.

To: the living man Godfrey A Farrugia acting as Minister of Health

from: the living man :Clive-Albert: Copy-right/Copy-Claim
Claim of the Life Postal Service vessel: MT408790331MT.


Please read carefully, do not ignore.

As you are making it mandatory for living people to wear a face mask I require an answer to each and every question within three working days.

I accept your oath as a doctor to do no harm and I also accept your
oath as a government minister to carry out your duties and obligations
to the best of your ability.

1. Am I property?

2. Can you administer property without rights?

3. How is the health ministry going to reimburse me for the cost of buying good quality masks as I understand that they have to be changed every 95 minutes otherwise it will not be safe to wear and it’s your job to ensure that no harm comes to myself while obeying this government edict. Let me know where I can send the receipts for payment.

4. How is the health ministry  going to properly eliminate these masks as they will be a biohazard and can not be left lying around. I have seen many masks just lying on the ground, Why have these masks not been collected and disposed of?

5. I require you to take full liability for any harm that befalls myself due to being
deprived of the proper Oxygen intake while wearing a mask for long periods of time.

6. I require Godfrey A Farrugia to affirm on oath that you will take full liability for any harm, loss or injury due to these new rules or you can give permission in writing for myself to be excused from wearing a mask on health grounds.

This email and your answer will be recorded on a public website.

A non-response will be taken as dishonorable and an admission of guilt with a default judgement if taken to court of equity.

Without prejudice, all rights reserved non waived ever, Errors and omissions accepted.

By:Clive-Albert: Copy-right/Copy-claim/Settlor/Beneficiary: Perpetual Claim of the life: RR408790331MT

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Local Sheriffs are the last defence

s1019397POLSON – From his patrol car, Richard Mack watched the old Datsun station wagon drive right through the stop sign in Provo, Utah.

The car was filled with rambunctious youngsters and one harried mother who, when she saw what she had done, and the police car parked nearby, threw her arms in the air in frustration and pulled over before Mack could even hit his lights and siren.

“It was a crappy old car, not worth $400,” Mack told about 50 people at the VFW post in Polson on Monday. “The kids were all fighting and crying, the woman didn’t say a word, just handed me her license and registration and stared straight ahead.”

Mack said he had always been a by-the-book cop.

“When I was back in patrol it was all about bringing in the money, bringing in the numbers,” he said. “If you wrote 35 tickets a day you were a good cop.”

As he filled out his latest ticket, Mack said he looked at this woman and imagined she had probably been thinking her day couldn’t get any worse – until he’d been parked where he was, and it did.

“Then I looked at myself,” Mack said. “I asked myself, ‘Am I doing anything to help this family? Am I making this town a better place to live? Am I making it safer? Am I bringing honor to my badge?’ ”

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I am writing this from my heart because I want peace and harmony for all people of the world. We need a change of heart, a new paradigm, a new beginning where people with no interest in power or money have a right to live in peace and happiness. A right to clean water, clean air, good food, fair and equal governance. A life  free from fear. The time is coming where we will get these things and more.

UK Police Woman

UK Police Woman

I want all Policeman of both genders to look and appreciate what is being said here, especially the politicised Police Service of the United Kingdom who are just tax collectors, enforcing Admiralty  Law, non thinking clockwork tick tocks, ensuring our enslavement to the elite forever, or so they think, the elites make the statutes and the Police enforce them. For the police who need educating, a statute is a “rule of society given the force of law by consent of  the governed” we the people are the governed, we give the statute the force of law.  Not them, but us, if we do not consent then it is not the law period. We all know what natural law is, don’t we? it’s just this, do not harm others or their property and do not commit fraud in your contracts, that’s about it, anything else is a statute. The Police must advise you whether you have broke the law or a statute otherwise they are committing a fraud in their contract with us, as far as I am aware the police never tell us. That is fraud pure and simple.

Police also know that the public have a right to keep silent, you do not have to give them your  name, date of birth or where you live,  if asked ‘do you understand’, say ‘No I do not stand under”. Tell them you are a peaceful human and will offer no resistance to them, but do everything they tell you under duress, you must state it clearly “I am doing this under duress and do not give up any of my rights” make sure they note what you have said.

Why do you think they need  42 days detention? do you really believe it will only be used for terrorism duh! Because of their busy lives trying to make ends meet most people just go along with the police, go to their de-facto court and get fleeced. The de-facto courts want you in and out, the quicker the better and the more money they make, it is a get rich quick scam. If people resist legally and lawfully, and it is, by staying quiet, do everything under duress, it will get to be a chore for them to carry on doing it, especially if you know what to do in court. Click here for insight on how to operate in their de-facto courts.

The Police Service are the barrier between the public to whom they owe their allegiance to (we pay you) and the government, in other words you are entrusted by us to stop government tyranny, by following the law, you are not doing your job.

There has been lodged in many Police Stations throughout the Country a dossier of evidence detailing how Mr Edward Heath and his Government committed acts of treason. So far nothing has happened, there has not been one Chief Constable with the guts and integrity to do his or her job which we the public pay you for, not one. I find that disgusting. You seem to be nothing more than a bunch of thugs who are willing to see your Country sold down the river for 30 pieces of silver, I hope you can all sleep in your beds at night, because I know I could not under these circumstances. We the people will win eventually as all tyranny ends, when it does we will have the evidence to arrest every Chief Constable and his staff for treason. All Chief Constables chew on that for a moment.

By the way all Police wear a hat with a black and white cheque pattern around their heads on the same level as their third eye! that pattern is an illuminate symbol, it is a derogatory symbol, if  I was a policeman I would do some research on it. You are being suckered, enjoy it, the people that have bothered to find out what this symbol means are laughing at you. Do you like being laughed at and used by the elites?

All we ask is you do the job you are being paid to do by us the public! the government does not pay you we do, therefore we call the shots, so do your duty! Remember without your power they cannot bring about their agenda to control the population by force, who would do it? not one of them, they don’t like to be put in harms way or have their heads above the parapet, that’s why they rely on other people doing their dirty work for them. This is the United Kingdom not Iran.


Well that’s a load of baloney! all judges and officers of the de-facto courts of the UK are using deception to collect money by false pretences. The courts know it, all judges know it, and quite a few people who have been awakened to the deceit know it, it’s just a matter of time before the whole of the UK and the world at large know it. The wheels are slowly coming off the bus. Here’s the meme, repeat it slowly so you understand the meaning, “the wheels are slowly coming off the bus”.

We are being educated by grass roots movements in the UK and elsewhere. We know this deception is world wide, we have never been free, it’s all an illusion to keep us from learning the truth, it is failing because there is a higher force of which you have no control exposing the truth and you can not and will not stop it.

They want people to go in and out of court in minutes minus their cash, can you imagine what it would be like if it takes a whole day just to process one person a day? it will cost them a fortune and they will not be able to sustain it. That ladies and gentleman of the UK and elsewhere is where we win. We hold the power, not them.

As a matter of interest, as all these courts operate under admiralty law, is everything under contract? is their sentencing an offer?, if a judge says, one years imprisonment, is it an offer? people are still researching this, if everything is an offer then  maybe we will be able to reject them lawfully.

One way to draw out the case is to take your time in answering any questions, you might for instance ask for definitions of the terms used, after all it’s your money or your freedom that’s under review. Legal terms are tricky, words used might not convey their common meanings so ask for them to be defined in in layman’s terms. I believe that would be your right to know.

I call upon the  Courts operating in service to self and others of your law society to decide to become honest and to stop supporting this deception, to uphold the real law so we can all have the real knowledge to make the UK and the world a better place to live in. The human race is dying, the world is dying. Unless we change there is no hope, unless the courts change there will be no justice.

Know this, the meek will inherit the Earth, the bible says so, and history has proven that tyranny is always defeated, we will win, time to chose which side you want to be on.

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