How to write a now time notice

Stay free in a world of voluntary slavery

There are many rules to learn when writing a notice to a man or woman so as to keep the notice in present tense; avoiding past and future tense and not using legal words that trap you with titles and labels into the legal world; there only only a few rules to keep in mind when writing a very powerful lawful document; learn these rules here;

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Be aware there is a cost to taking this course however it is worth every penny; what price your freedom from slavery; all the documents are free to download.

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  1. #1 by mr.seaking on November 30, 2021 - 23:07

    Foremost, all walks of life are free agents by divine providence and thereby, since their very being a Man from each Crowning Nativity thereof, is a state & it behooves every estate to rightly enlighten every generation of society in service of honor above all else or, face financing your own oblivion!

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