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Ways to sign and autograph without assuming liability

[“My Preamble.”]

[” Having learned over the last few years never to sign anything unless you can avoid liability because it does make you liable for anything written above your signature despite what they say or you think due to your indoctrination. I have used the methods that Cathy has laid out in her very informative article, they work as intended, however along the way I discovered the “Autograph” which means a graph of an autonomous man or woman (The proof of autonomy is for the claim to life, the Live-Life-Claim, see (i) below), written in upper and lower case as if printed by a computer or a type-writer, in other words do not join up each letter which is cursive (cursing) which would be an illegible squiggle. “]

[” I have learned that it is better to use a qualified autograph,  for example [ By: Henry-James: Smith, authorised representative. ] without the square brackets of course, the words “authorised representative” qualifies the autograph. The colons and hyphens are important and must not be omitted , the colons denote a fact, the hyphens join the words together in this case your given Christian names. You may also abbreviate your autograph for example [ By: Henry-James: Smith, Auth. Rep. “] if you only have a small area to autograph in. “]

[” I have learned that the surname is an add-on and is not your name, it is your lineage, in other words your name is just your given Christian name(s) as written on the Birth Certificate, be aware that your given Christian name(s) is/are converted to all upper case and attached to your family name, ( without your knowledge or consent of your Mother and/or Father, you were a baby at the time ) your family name being the “debtor”. The full upper case name is Copyrighted to the State, it’s not your property, the State created it, so they own and control it (He who creates, owns and controls). “]

[” The Authorised Representative means you are autographing as a living man or woman on behalf of the legal entity, the all upper case simulation of your name and lineage, also known as the straw-man, you are the sole agent for that upper case simulation of your name and lineage that they keep communicating with, and which all bills and bank statements are sent to. See my
Live-Life-Claim for an example on the all upper case entity and how to write it. To learn how to make your own Live-Life-Claim see :Mark-Kishon: Chrisopher’s youtube channel“]

[” There is more than one way to skin a cat as the article alluded to below will show, what you use depends on your circumstances. Bear in mind that Cathy is writing about the signature and not the autograph, the signature is cursive, the autograph is printed upper and lower case and each letter is independent of each other, it represents a living natural man or woman and is not written in cursive. “]

[“ (i) Without a Live-Life-Claim you are dead and lost at sea, for the UK that is done through the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666. Other Jurisdictions will have something very much the same, or even the same title. “]

Cathy Bilsky Article:

How To Sign Your Name Without Assuming Liability.

What does a signature mean? I will tell you right now that when you sign something (no matter what “they” say), it means that you accept liability. And if you don’t read and agree to EVERYTHING you sign, you are making a big mistake.

I am constantly being asked… “How do I sign my name? … AND maintain my rights?”

We all know that before they let us go, they ALWAYS want us to sign something to keep us coming back. There are other points in the “legal” system where a “signature” is expected or required before the court can proceed as well.

I have heard that adding “Under Duress”, or “All Rights Reserved” to a signature when signing a document will maintain our inherent human rights; and while this could work as well, the proper and Latin way to sign under duress is to add a “V.C.” before your name.

To learn more follow the link below.


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:Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 for the dead :Live-Life-Claim for the living

[” We are all born equal and sovereign with dominion over the Earth. Then our parents were forced to registered what is properly their’s, their offspring ( what is right and proper to them ) to the State.  The informant(s), ( informants report criminal activity ) Informed the Registrar that a live baby has arrived, in effect giving their offspring away to the State ( baby becomes a ward of the state – born in a foundling hospital ) and a new Vessel (i) was docked ( birthed & documented ) on that date (iii) ( That date is your real birth date – Maritime term ) of registration. This was when your proper given Christian name(s) and the add-on which is your Lineage ( not part of your name as your birth certificate shows ) was converted to an all caps name, which is now their creation and their copyright ( your birth certificate is Crown Copyright ergo the birth certificate is not yours and neither is the upper case name ) the crime of ( Personage ) When this “Vessel” or “Person” ( we are all vessels ) comes of age their Estate will be salvaged because they are assumed to be dead and lost at sea and the Captain (ii) is missing. The Captain of the vessel has not informed them that he or she is back on the land alive and well by making a ( Live-Life-Claim )  the Law of Merchant – Those are the facts as I understand them. “]

[” You now have to do the necessary research and educate yourself on the truth – ignorance of the law is no excuse. They know (wo)man will not read these statutes, as these documents are very difficult to understand, they are very convoluted, spread about with references to other documents so as to make you give up. If you have persevered and actually read these statutes you should have noticed that they only apply to this magical “Person”, this mysterious non-entity which I believe is known as the birth certificate, that has to obey these statutes, these rules of society given the force of law by the governed, the thing is, are you a “PERSON? that piece of paper, or are you a living man or woman – you have to decide! if you are happy with voluntary servitude and want to spend the rest of your existence paying for a fictional debt that’s not yours, then be my guest, or you are you a real live (wo)man with all of your rights intact? “]

[” Here is the statute Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 not many of us would have read this legislation, they know that because they know man very well and rely on us not reading and comprehending what we are reading. They know our level of comprehension is low after all they are the architects of the school system also. “]

[”  Here is the definition from the  Oxford Reference   “]

[” It is up to each (wo)man to educate themselves about the statutes and what they mean, we must engage and not wilfully ignore what is being done in our name in our Parliament. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Keep asking ( As-King ) questions, hold their feet to the fire, I have written to MP’s asking them about this Act, they never answer, which is very telling, if there is no problem then they should have no problem in answering simple questions, but they never do, draw your own conclusions. “]

(i) The Vessel is the Legal Entity. the En-Legis, the Strawman, the fictional entity.

(ii) The Captain is the real live man or woman, the authorised representative of the Vessel.

(iii) Example came into this world ( Born ) on 9th September 1970. Registered ( Birth & Documented ) on 15th September 1970.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   By: Clive-Albert: Dodd, Copy-right/Copy-Claim.
:Sole Authorised Representative and beneficial title holder for MR CLIVE ALBERT DODD ESTATE.

Errors and omissions excepted – Non-assumpsit – Without Prejudice – All Rights Reserved.

See this video for more information:

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