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A Roman Court does not operate according to any true rule of law, but by presumptions of the law. Therefore, if presumptions presented by the private Bar Guild are not rebutted they become fact and are therefore said to stand true. There are twelve (12) key presumptions asserted by the private Bar Guilds which if unchallenged stand true being Public Record, Public Service, Public Oath, Immunity, Summons, Custody, Court of Guardians, Court of Trustees, Government as Executor/Beneficiary, Executor De Son Tort, Incompetence, and Guilt:

  • 1. The Presumption ofPublic Record is that any matter brought before a lower Roman Courts is a matter for the public record when in fact it is presumed by the members of the private Bar Guild that the matter is a private Bar Guild business matter. Unless openly rebuked and rejected by stating clearly the matter is to…

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  1. #1 by ebolainfo on January 9, 2018 - 20:54

    If you don’t mind. I will repost the full oiginal post on my blog, as the ucadia article is now offline.

  2. #2 by ebolainfo on January 9, 2018 - 20:51

    Thanks for the post. I am currently exploring the deceits of Western Roman/Admiralty law.

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