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Silence is Consent – Royal Assent is gone – The Whip System is a Control system and is undemocratic

Without Prejudice.

Disclaimer: this is not to be construed as legal advice, I am not a lawyer and neither would I ever want to be one. If you want legal advice go see a lawyer.

This is just my understanding and I could very well be wrong, it’s up to everyone to come to their own understanding after due diligence.

It is my understanding that when new legislation is made public, it is an offer, it is also  my understanding that all Governments are Corporations (check Dunn and Blacksteet) that being true then the new legislation is just an offer to contract (Maritime Law of Merchant). There will be a time limit to accept or reject their offer. If you are silent, then it is presumed that you do not object and the new legislation will most likely pass through all stages of parliament and will be made what they call law, however it is a ‘Statute or ACT’ which apply only to a ‘PERSON’.

We have a couple of problems with legislation going through the board of directors of this corporation (Members of Parliament);

  1. The Office of the Queen has been made redundant, Royal Assent is gone, she cannot object,  and a large piece of evidence for this was when parliament was recently opened and she came in not wearing the Crown and sat without the Crown on her head and not in her full regalia  which she has always worn before, WHY?
  2. The Whip System takes away any MP’s right to vote according to his/her conscious, to vote against the Whip will mean punishment, so they are made to vote along party lines which is usually not consistent with what the people want which is not very democratic; so,
  3. That’s two of our safeguards of democracy gone!

Which leaves we the men and women who for the most part know jack about what is really going on. So there is apparently an Offer on the table and we have to decide if we agree with this offer or if we disagree with the offer, or maybe we agree in part. So how do we go about making our voices heard? I have to say that I really don’t know who we could send our Notice to but a good guess would be the Attorney General or the Home Secretary using the term near the beginning of the Notice stating ‘notice to principal is notice to agent’ doctrine.

I do know that if the people remain silent (Silence is Consent in Maritime Law) it will be construed to mean we tacitly agree to the legislation and it will pass into law. So we must step up to the plate and take part in this democracy or whatever the heck it is these days and participate. We have no choice as our elected representatives can not really present our verdict to parliament even if they wanted to, as there is the Whip System undermining the correct position of his or her constituents will and they know it.

As I understand it the best way is to use a ‘Conditional Acceptance’ along the lines of (does not cause controversy and keeps you in honour);

I would be pleased to support this legislation on condition that;

  1. Your terms and conditions
  2. Your terms and conditions
  3. Your terms and conditions
  4. etc.

I don’t think just stating ‘I do not consent’ (although you could do) would be very fruitful I think we have to have good valid objections especially if the new legislation attempts to hide or erode our rights. Remember we have all our Rights written on many documents, including Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights etc, these are still in force and effect although they hide that fact. Remember we are a ‘Common Law Jurisdiction’, that cannot be taken away, they just try to hide it.

If I am correct in my understanding that the Government is a Corporation then they would have to operate under commercial law of Merchant (Maritime Law – law of the sea) so now you can see why everything has a price and everything is for sale. I understand that the Courts operate as a bank under Maritime Law and why all offences have a price (fine) or imprisonment. If you claim the NAME in this place of business then you are done, you are a ward of court, a ‘thing’ and a thing not being a flesh and blood man or woman can be stored in a warehouse (jail) until payment has been made. There are many websites and youtube video’s telling you about all this stuff, you would be wise to study them.

We must all participate and be fully engaged in the political process with regards to objecting in substance to new bills being written and passed without any word from the men and women, we have been asleep and negligent we have not been participating and we have allowed a bunch of people to act for us and look where we are, do we think we have been well served? I think not, so we must wake up and smell the Coffee as our liberties have almost gone. Participate or be enslaved forever, it’s your choice and you must make it now. Get educated and get to work.


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