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Canadian Bank Bail-ins, Bank of Canada, CAnFR, Mutual Support

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. I am not a lawyer and I never want to be one. Do you own research on these subjects and know what you’re doing before committing yourself to any process.

Depositors beware

Bank bail-ins are not theft. The law* has been in existence for hundreds of years and was established in England by the House of Lords in the case Foley v Hill in 1848.

Silence is consent

When governments issue ‘Public Notice’ and few people speak up, public silence is tacit or implied consent for the government to proceed. This is the Great con of man, the con hidden in one tiny word ‘consent’.

[Please read the full post linked below for context. Although this is pacific to Canada, silence is consent is the same everywhere, at least in the West.]

Read the full post here.

This is my understanding and it’s very possible that it is incorrect in all or in part therefore do your own due diligence and do the research yourself so that you are aware with knowing and not aware through hearsay.

Being silent is consent has been used for a very long time but is it really true? If I was say sending an affidavit to a public official and for arguments sake lets say he is a man I must ensure that the man is addressed directly and not the Office he holds otherwise he would hide behind the Office, everyone in public office is liable as a flesh and blood being for his actions. In laying out the affidavit it would be wise to state for the record that if he fails to respond within the time limit you set for rebuttal with substance that you would assume that he is guilty as detailed in the affidavit, so he now has a choice to rebut with substance or to ignore at his peril. If you write your affidavit leaving out this crucial body of words then there is a route of escape is there not?

As a sidebar to this I would say signing a petition has it’s place, but for answering public notices such as white papers, new legislation and what have you the best course of action is to send in your own notice of non-consent in your own words which is very powerful and even more so if they receive thousands upon thousands of do not consent notices. Make sure you send it via registered post, take a photograph of the receipt and the envelope you send as evidence. this way you can prove you sent the notice and that it was received.

Be aware the people really do have the power but do not act in accordance with this reality. We the people created government to safeguard and protect our unalienable rights and our property, so government is below us in standing because we created the concept of government to act for us. He who creates, controls and therefore by definition are subordinate to we the people who create it. The only entity above man is God. All men are created equal in standing and in law.

The people have lost control of the concept of government because we do not and did not question their so called authority and we remained silent when we should have been shouting very loudly and sending I do not consent notices to our representatives in Office, they are not in power as they keep alluding to, they are in Office and are our public servants, not our masters.

On and for the record I am Pro-honest Constitutional Government as created.
On and for the record I am Pro-Peace Officer and/or Constable there by consent of the public to keep the peace as originally created.
On and for the record I do not condone, violence in any form, mental or psychical, deception, corruption in public office, coercion by any entity, and fraud in all it’s guises.

It is my understanding that authoring an affidavit is a three step process if done correctly, Step one the original sworn affidavit of plain facts. Step two if no rebuttal, a reminder to answer the affidavit which is usually a repeat of the first with an added paragraph that it is a reminder. Step three if no rebuttal, the default judgement of guilty of all that is laid out in the original affidavit. All of these steps may be notarised by a public notary, or if none can be found then have each step witnessed by three of your peers who know you well but is not a family members as it appears three people have the same power as a notary. Each step separated by at least seven (7) days so as to give the opportunity to rebut all claims with evidence and substance.

For an in depth look at silence is consent look here.

So armed with this knowledge if you see any Public Notice by Government or any agent or official entity that you do not agree with then write to the man or woman acting in the office that published the Public Notice or the Attorney General if new legislation that clearly takes away any of the rights we have under the guise of security, clearly stating your objection(s), hopefully many thousands of people will do the same. Because if you say nothing then it will be construed rightly or wrongly as consent.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

How many people are paying Penalty Charge Notices each and every day? I have no real idea but I would guess quite a few thousand all over the UK every single day.
Fixed Penalty Notices: Fraudulent coercion of voluntary payments. This article reveals your ‘PERSON’ and how your are deceived into believing that you are a ‘Person’ thereby confessing your guilt and asking for your punishment. Below are three very useful links to save you time for your education.

Bursting the bubbles of Government Deception!.

The Magnificent Deception – Robert Menard.

Winston Shrout – Solutions in commerce.

It behooves us to be eternally vigilant of what is going on around us. Keep up with what Statutes are being prepared and send out notices of non-consent as required, hard work, yes and if you value your liberty then it’s the price everyone must pay to stay on top of what is going on and to nip it in the bud as and when necessary.

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