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South Carolina succeeds in ‘nuke’ test of aerial chemical weapons of mass destruction; food supply pollinators instantly obliterated by the millions

(NaturalNews) Each day as I witness the sheer chemical suicide of modern humanity, I seriously ask myself how much longer human civilization will survive. The latest demonstration of humanity’s truly idiotic self-destruction was demonstrated earlier this week when Dorchester County, South Carolina, decided to conduct daytime aerial spraying of a deadly chemical weapon that’s known to destroy the very pollinators necessary to produce about 30% of the food in America.

The experiment, which consisted of carpet bombing the county with Naled, a neurotoxin insecticide, was “wildly successful.” Schedule for daytime release when pollinators are foraging for food, the chemical weapons deployment obliterated honeybee pollinators on contact, resulting in a devastating apocalyptic scene that looked “like it’s been nuked,” said a co-owner of Flowertown Bee Farm and Supply (which lost two million bees). This quote is widely reported by the Associated Press.


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Duterte: A Human being stands against global evil.

In a world that had fallen to the greatest depths of corruption, in a world where all power has devolved to criminals, what chance does a decent politician have of serving his or her people and delivering to them a country free of crime, free of corruption, a country where ordinary men and women can exist in safety, free of fear?
Those who are educated to the truth now understand that the forces of evil are rampant amongst humanity. In governments and in their ministries and civil services, on the streets where organised crime operates, within the police and judiciary, within the fourth estate of journalism, everywhere we witness the growing power of an inhuman force amongst us.

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Non-Compliance – With Unrepresentative Government

Inspired by the Anti-Terrorist I’ll just get one thing straight, I am not Anti-Government per se. I am Anti CORRUPT Government.

Aren’t YOU?

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” -John F. Kennedy.

The only violence that should ever be required by us is in self defense, rage in the street will be-get more violence, and not change enough, it never has… People don’t see how simple it really is, mostly because they are too damn nice, conforming is a matter of course and their image amongst their peers is so important…

Very few like to step out on that limb alone, lest it be hacked off behind them.

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