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My Safenet Test

After I received the good news that Maidsafe had released safe demo and safe launcher applications I downloaded and
installed them onto my Windows 7 Ultimate OS system on my secondary machine so I could test them. Both applications
installed very easily.

There is a very important step need so that these applications can connect to the safe network which
is to copy and enter a proxy into whatever browser you intend to use.  I use Firefox and Chrome so I entered the proxy into
both these browsers with no issues whatsoever.

Now the hard part which was using notepad to build myself a very simple website to upload to safenet for testing. I had not
built a website for years and therefore I am very rusty, but with aid of search engine I was able to cobble
together a simple webpage.

This web page is just five images and a little bit of text in a two column two row table. Once I had the web page as I desired
I uploaded the five images and the index file to safenet and it worked perfectly. Bear in mind that there are no servers, so
no single place of attack for any hacker or any snooping service to attack, in other words we the people can get our privacy
back as we have the right.

Yes some things do need to be secret, but these days they seem to keep everything a secret, but we the people do not have|
in their eyes the same right. I do not consent to anyone spying on me and therefore I reserve the right to achieve privacy
any way I can. I am not a terrorist, do not use deception therefore I reserve my right to privacy.

If you value your privacy I would give safenet a try and you can then look at my very simple website by clicking on the
link below, which will not work if you have not downloaded and installed the two applications. There are now many
sites for you to take a look at on the network and there are many developers working on new applications.

My website is here.

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