Youtube – Word on the Street is … there’s a Class-Action against the Banks – WhiteRabbitTrust

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    Thanks for the comment, the problem is the bar, banks and interlocking directorships of well over a thousand international corporations discovered a few years ago and lets not forget what Gordon Bowden has been meticulously investigating and documenting the 788 – 790 Finchley Road scam where billions are being sucked out of the economy using fake mining companies. This goes very deep and very high in the establishment. This is the result of allowing overly rich, love of money and power elitists to the levers of power.

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    Einstein said we cannot use the same methodology to solve problem that caused the problem in the first place; the bar legal system is the problem; it is a private secret society that works for the same bankers; with millions of protests by homeowners in foreclosure cases and not a single precedent against the banksters; the bar system is the problem; in the way of justice and the rule of law; no matter which way we swing it, the law of the sea is for ‘persons’ legal fictions and NOT for people rights; there can be no real remedy there; time for people referendums for a moratorium on evictions, foreclosures and repossessions and a full investigation into the fraudulent financial system; the people shall govern; in peace

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