LETTER TO POPE FRANCIS, from Anna Maria von Reitz

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April 14, 2016

Big Lake, Alaska


His Holiness Pope Francis

Via email


Most Beloved Francis,


The perpetrators have now involved the Chinese in their schemes and are proposing to lend our gold to the Chinese —who are in turn offering to lend it back to us— profiting the criminals and the Chinese in the process. This money laundering scheme is so transparent that a small child can see it.  How then, does anyone propose to excuse it now or ever?


We deeply regret the injustices that the Chinese and many other people have suffered, but we do so from the standpoint of those who have been similarly afflicted by the same disease and suffered like injuries.  The American people are not at fault for the evils which have been committed both against us and in our names.


Upon waking, we see that we have foxes…

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