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Lost Our Home Please Help – Red Pill Housing Trust.

What We Propose

In times of government cuts in favor of buying weapons to kill people, the rise in homeless families in the UK is at a shocking peak. The government policies, which at this time merely line the pockets of ‘fat cats’ and CEO’s rather than the people whom these officials are supposed to ‘work’ for, has shown no sympathy towards the climbing numbers of people whom can’t afford the basic human right of having a home of their own.

Rather than investing in cheap, affordable homes, the government would rather privatize everything into the hands of a few, whom raise rental prices, lower landlord obligations, and effectively stunt the growth of the country through their nefarious and greedy practices.

With banking fraud rampant on mortgages we are also finding people unable to afford to keep their mortgage payments up and house repossessions are at an all time high also.

The system is truly in a mess and no-one is helping the most vulnerable in our society. The system is designed to punish people for having no money and as we head further down this fascist, rabbit hole things become more and more evident these ‘people’ have no interest in providing shelter for every one of their people.

Take a listen to this very small interview about the Red Pill Housing Trust.

Read the rest here.

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