‘The leak of the century’

Note from the Center-an update from our CEO on the Panama Papers from Public Integrity’s ICIJ unit


The Economist calls it “The Leak of the Century.” The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists called it “Prometheus” when it was a secret project, and the world now knows it as Panama Papers.

It is a monster project and an even bigger story: the biggest story in the world this week. Millions of Tweets, thousands of stories from the more than 100 ICIJ partners, tens of thousands of pick ups from the rest of the media andmillions of video streams.

I’ve written to you, our staff, our board, our donors and partners before with updates this week so I won’t repeat those other than to say the story is still rolling. #resigncameron is trending on Twitter this morning after the British Prime Minister acknowledged — after much fudging of the issue — that he had benefited from offshore trusts the ICIJ team revealed his father had set up.

Read the rest of the article here.

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