MaidSafe Development Update

It has been an exceedingly busy summer at MaidSafe and it seems like a good point to recap on what we have working on and how we see things rolling out as we move forward. Since our last major update, when we announced the network running end-to-end, we have been adding some pretty significant features and making several enhancements.

Amongst the highlights, we implemented Unified Structured Data, a change that enables the network to only recognise two primary data types; immutable and structured data. The repercussions for what this enhancement brings to the network is significant. Not only do they allow the reduction of network traffic (reducing load and making it more efficient), it also removes much complexity and enhances the security of the network. It is anticipated that Unified Structured Data will lay the groundwork for features such as smart contracts and global computation. For those looking for more technical detail you can visit the proposal as it was implemented here.

Read the full post here.

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