Peacekeeping units in Nottingham

Posted on November 5, 2015

As the Government continues to spend the public’s money inefficiently in providing our police force, the risk of cuts and privatization is becoming more and more real. They are now outsourcing many areas of policing to G4S (all planned) and if you have been paying attention this is a dangerous precedent of a corporate body policing us. I can’t imagine anything worse than a private security guard brandishing a tazer or worse a gun, while trying to enforce an unlawful parking ticket or similar.

The recent rhetoric of 10,000 officer cuts, and police can no longer turn up to burglaries, not answering phone calls etc it is now time for the public to step up. Instead of G4S taking on these contracts, we the public can step up and make a major move in taking our governance back.

I find it a complete fallacy that police can no longer turn up to real crimes, but have enough time to jump in a brand new BMW and spend all day extorting ‘penalty charges’ out of the public they are meant to serve and protect.

If you have been watching myself for the past 8 months you will know what I suggest.

We want to start a #Peacekeeper force in Nottingham. To start we will have 24 peacekeepers who are there on a rota for the Nottingham public.

We need funds to kit out these upstanding members of the community, with black combats, tactical vests, coats and vans. We have priced to completely clothe the peacekeepers in an appropriate manner, with body cams and everything they will need to fight ALL crime in a lawful manner.

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