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Linux Mint 17 and Ubuntu 14.04

In my attempts to move away from the New World Order Surveillance Applications, like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Microsoft I have installed Linux Mint 17 on one of my computers dual booted for now with Windows 7 Ultimate which was successful and works very well. I was able to do this by searching for video’s that went into great detail on how to achieve the dual booting capability. There are many video’s out there that do a good job in explaining the process so I will not put any links up as Operating Systems vary widely and I’m sure with a good search people who want to get away from main stream computing can do so with a little bit of planning.

I did the almost the same on my main computer (more capable, larger memory 6Gb, better GPU Nvidia GTX 970, a reasonable CPU Intel i7-950 and a X58A-UD3R Gigabyte Motherboard. On this system I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Long Term Service) dual booted with another Win 7 Ultimate OS. This is a little but more difficult for beginners as it does not complete with all applications needed to do common things as I understand it.

I have to say that I have not had any overwhelming issues with Ubuntu so far, there are many forums with good people who will help you with most problems. These two Linux Distributions as they call them do not require any anti-virus software for normal operations as the code is very secure. For information on the security of Linux I would recommend you watch the video below:  This is by Joe Collins and expert in Linux, his explanations are very detailed.

In short summary, if you are a total newbie at Linux then I would first of all if you only have one computer, laptop or desktop go with Linux Mint as everything you need is installed and will give you a flavour of what Linux is all about, on the other hand if you have two computers you can install both distributions and decide which one you want as your Operation System of the future.

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The language of the network

This was received today via email – A great leap forward.

Early(ish) on Friday (26th June) morning, the tireless MaidSafe dev team managed to get the SAFE Network functioning from end to end. This means that a User is able to self-authenticate (create their own username and password, and access the network without the permission of a third party) using the Authentication API via the SAFE Client. During the process, the network’s transport/connection layer (Crust) connects the peer nodes, allowing Routing (the layer that verifies the identity of each node cryptographically) to establish and maintain connections to other network nodes (for more information on how all the components fit together, please visit our wiki). The clients were also able to PUT (store) and GET (retrieve) data.

Congratulations to the dev team.


Another quick post, I hope this makes sense, it is perhaps the most exiting aspect of MaidSafe I have found so far and the consequences of this are far reaching indeed. It will not be obvious, but please ask questions on and I will try and explain more of why this is very important, not only to launch with but to move forward and also model system components very quickly.

The notes we never heard

MaidSafe, that strangely named bunch of folks who are looking to change the world with something that sounds:

  • Amazing
  • Impossible
  • Frightening

Yes the vision that is rock solid and unmoving against all odds and all comers no matter what. The vision to give to all the people of the world Privacy Security and Freedom, but how do they do it? how do they explain it?

Well until now, not very well. There are…

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