SAFE Network Roadmap

Maidsafe update and roadmap.


Keeping stakeholders updated with development progress is vital, but can be a difficult to thing to get right. Not only is development of large projects complex, particularly when they span across multiple libraries, but trying to communicate the nuances of development to an audience of varying technical ability is not without its challenges.

When pulling together the latest version of the SAFE Network roadmap, which can be found here, we wanted to show how all the libraries fit together, but also try to do so it in such a way that the deliverables at each stage of release are clear. For example, as you will see we are nearing the release of Dev Bundle 1 which will provide each users with:

  • Cross Platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) desktop Installers
  • Network (Crust, Routing and Vaults), running on external nodes
  • Remote client access and account creation
  • Simple vaults – LAN only
  • Initial…

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