I, Clive Albert Dodd, AM a living, breathing, flesh and blood man, a sentient human being, a Sovereign soul. I AM NOT a corporate legal fiction entity.

I have read and consciously sign this DECLARATION OF NON-CONSENT on this 17th day of April, 2015. I declare my free will and repudiate any and all false claims of my consent to any and all contracts and treaties or actions that I consider to be harmful to myself in any way whatsoever, or to any other living breathing man or woman of Planet Earth.

I hereby denounce as null and void ab initio all contracts made in the past, present, or future and take back my Sovereignty now and forever more. I will forever use my free will to keep in direct alignment with the Prime Source Creator.

This DECLARATION OF NON-CONSENT is also declared by my mind, body, and soul in this lifetime and timeline and in all other lifetimes and timelines in the past, present and future and in behalf of all my ancestors as well as all my progeny.

My free will is hereby invoked by the power invested in me by PRIME CREATOR. I AM sovereign and I AM free, and so it is.

I reserve the sole right to amend this contract at my discretion.


Thank you Bradley

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    Thanks for the reblogging, be in mind that the original declaration is authored by Bradley Love at the link below the post. Thanks.

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    Absolutely we must voice our non-consent thanks for the comment and action.

  6. #6 by Doreen Agostino on April 17, 2015 - 16:54

    HI and thanks.

    Yesterday I emailed my ‘Non-consent’ to Canadian Bill C51, to the Federal Member of Parliament representing the community in which I live, and I copied by email, two Federal Party Leaders who have publicly declared opposition to this dangerous, reckless legislation with power to threaten freedom of speech.

    If you live in Canada please call and or email your MP because our silence is permission for government to do as they please.

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