From Tom Crawford via facebook – PUBLI DOCUMENT – Please Copy and upload everywhere.

Hi all,

Sorry this post is a bit long but I cannot stress how important it is to get this attached document into the public domain.

Nearly everyone on this earth knows about 9/11 when the twin towers were destroyed.

Well today should be remembered as the first step in bringing down our enemy’s Ivory towers with your assistance.

The People’s enemies are the Banks and Financial institutions, aided and abetted in compound fraud by solicitors and the court system, with their storm troopers the police force to ensure orders are carried out by the bailiffs.

They have committed tyranny, treason, fraud, larceny, and terrorism on innocent people in the name of greed.

We are now on the offensive, because the alternative is to react to their tyranny and in doing so this gives them the upper hand to take innocent people’s homes who believe the system is there for their good. We have to educate these people and get them on our side; Response and Beat the bailiffs are now having an effect on stopping attempted crime by Bailiffs on the door step, but now we have to take it to the bailiffs masters, and then in turn to the Paymaster masters the banks, but first things first.

Today my good friend and yours Mr Ebert has placed into the court system a document that has shocked the establishment, the reason for Mr Ebert’s document, they were attempting to steal his family home, this was to be carried out on the 14th of October, he received a notice of eviction on 2nd of October, and the bailiffs were due to call at 8am to commit their crime.

Mr Ebert was unconcerned as he knew that they were attempting to commit fraud and knew how to stop them, they knew he had the ability to do it also, this is why the court has recently changed their attitude to the public, in an attempt prevent the public’s free access to their own court files, this is in light of recent decisions by the court in restricting certain members of the public access to filing their documents and having those documents sealed by the court, in other words Mr Ebert had no other choice but to ensure the that document he wanted to file in court was accepted, he sent the documents by special delivery so the court cannot use any excuse that it never arrived, these court efforts are a result of the documents we are filing.

So not only are we affecting the Bailiff’s we are now affecting the Courts.
Mr Ebert has been working tirelessly with a group of us in an effort to stop the fraud and tyranny from happening to anyone else and to get justice for us all, and with G-d’s help we will.

Now this is where you come in, please ensure as many people as possible see and read this document this very very important, also analyze it paying close attention to the points of law.

The information within this document is very helpful especially if you are under threat of eviction. Here are some points to take notice of.

1. Has there been a court fee paid.
2. Is there an application for a warrant.
3. Is there a court order for a warrant.
4. Is there a court warrant.
I will later explain the significance of these questions or tell you at our next meeting why and in what order to ask these questions.

For access to this information you will need to write to them requiring them adhere to the CPR rule 5.4.2 this is to access your court file, you must also require a copy of the computer data file, they have 48 hours to comply, ensure when you put this request in you have two copies one for them and one to have stamped for your own records.

99% of warrants issued are fraudulent, and the courts are well aware of this so are the banks and the solicitors they employ.

I would like to give them all some very good advice, pack your bags and go, and keep on going because we are coming after you, when we get you, you will be punished for your crimes, the game is up and you know this to be true.

So as I said this is the first step, G-d willing the next step will be close behind this one.


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