Is Secure Communications For The Ordinary None Geeks Possible?


A few of weeks ago while searching around the internet for information to link to my facebook account I came across a link for a web and/or console application that has built-in 2048/4096 bit encryption for communication between its subscribers. I believe most people who have half a brain realise that in the world we are living in today we need to protect our personal data from being stolen or spied upon by hackers and others who do not have our best interest at heart. We need to protect our private data using some form of code so that only our friends and family or other people you trust can read and not having it read or stolen by third parties or intercepted by a man in the middle attack.

The military and spy’s have been using codes to pass important information back and forth for centuries from simple symmetrical codes to advanced unsymmetrical codes.

Secure communications using some form of military Encryption has a reputation of being somewhat geeky and indeed it is quite complex to set up a bit like the reputation that Linux has.

We all have a right to privacy which is a basic human right no matter what anyone says.  Most people already know we have had no privacy for quite some time due to whistle blowers over the years with the most recent one’s being Edward Snowden and  John Tye. We must honour these people for having the fortitude and honesty to tell the world what they know, but  instead they are prosecuted and persecuted by their governments for their audacity of speaking truth to power of official wrong doings and lawlessness. What are these perceived authorities trying to hide? if they have nothing to fear why go to the trouble of prosecuting and persecuting people who are doing their duty and speaking out? I have to let you draw your own conclusions after you have investigated and researched the subject with vigour and not just drawn conclusion based on an opinion from the top of your head.

There are no laws or statutes that oblige anyone to allow their private data to be stolen or given away to anyone which includes governments/corporations/ or agencies of any kind.

I will not volunteer my private data to any man/woman or corporation for free, if they want my private data (or even my opinion, like an opinion poll) it must have value to them, or why would they want or need it? so write your own terms and conditions and make them pay highly for it. You just accept all their offers of contract subject to your own terms conditions. That way you have broken no law, and caused no controversy even if they have quoted an ACT, which they usually threaten you with. The only way a corporation can get my data is if I consent by my own free will choice after a meeting of the minds and due consideration not by the barrel of a gun, otherwise it is SLAVERY.

Luckily for those people who value their privacy and we all should put a very high value on it, I have discovered some great people who have been hard at work doing just that. One such good man is Chris Kitze and I would like you to see how and why Chris started down this road to develop a platform where the main concern is privacy.

Here is the first Blog written by Chris Kitze which you can find on the unseen website  top menu under the word Blog where you will find much information about how things are progressing and about technical issues on the site.


Why did we decide to create this new service?

It started with my wife’s Yahoo email account getting hacked.  One day, she logged in and all her contacts and email was gone!!

Being the resident geek in our house, I looked at it and told her “You’ve been hacked!”

This isn’t the greatest feeling in the world and once you get past the feeling of violation, you immediately go into damage control to mitigate the problems.

The first problem is of course, what other account information may have been contained in any emails, banks, stock accounts, paypal, things with money.  We had to fix all this first, and with everything deleted, we had no idea which accounts were at risk, so we had to quickly go an reset ALL of them.  That was a nerve-wracking and time consuming process, because she’d asked me for accounts and passwords for all kinds of things over the years.  We had to change them all.

Then we got to the personal things, like photo sharing, etc.

It was after doing this, I realized there was a better way to improve security, using encryption.

Most ordinary people are not aware of encryption, but you use it every time you shop online.  That little padlock you see by the URL tells you that the pages you are on is secure.

All the information that goes back and forth between the computers is encrypted, which means people in the middle can’t read it.

Encryption looks like this:


That’s what the phrase “Encryption looks like this” looks like when it’s encrypted.

To make our system truly secure, we decided on a security model that has the user store their own key or passphrase, Unsene doesn’t store any of that.

That means we or anyone else who doesn’t have or can’t guess your passphrase can’t read your messages.  Only you and your recipient can read your message.

This is a very secure way to send messages which can include credit card numbers, tax ID’s, and sensitive personal and business information.

Of course, this kind of security is extremely useful for many business and consumer applications and in the future, we think it will be standard for every communications application.


Here is the orginal source of this article.

The original site URL was unsene and was changed at a later date when the site was moved to Iceland.

If you value your privacy and you should I would make it a high priority to take a look at unseen and seen and join the every growing membership to secure your personal communications with your family and friends.


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