Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country.

This question needs to be asked, could it be that our so called representatives are so corrupted by money and drunk with power that they no longer represent their constituents but are bound to corporations via donations and perhaps blackmail or both.

If the above is true is it no wonder that ACTS are being passed in parliament that totally ignore the voters who put this people into office in the first place.

We must learn by our past mistakes and vote everyone of these politicians out of office in the next sham they call an election which in my view and many others are just to give the people an illusion that what they say count, when in reality it does not.

Lets not keep doing the same thing every five years expecting a different result, it’s insanity.

Political Vel Craft

End Rothschild


Hungary is making history of the first order along with Iceland & Russia.

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Not since the 1930s in Germany has a major European country dared to escape from the clutches of the Rothschild-controlled international banking cartels. This is stupendous news that should encourage nationalist patriots worldwide to increase the fight for freedom from financial tyranny.

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