Your Sign of Nature is the value!

The best way to take over your Country is to pay off the top politicians , the top police officers, the civil servants and the like to help bankrupt the Country, then the investors come in and buy up all the assetts dirt cheap, this is what is happening in Greece and will happen in every Country if we don’t stop it.

All money is created from your signature, your signature is the value, so stop signing their pieces of dead paper, they need you to sign because you are the creditor, we the people are listed as the collateral in your corporation known as your government, all governments are corporations, all these corporations are bankrupt, they need your signature (sign of nature). Banks batch all the signatures together and sell them to investors as ‘Special Purpose Vehicles’ SPV’s which are insured so they never lose, this is going on millions  of times each and every day throughout the whole world, we stop it by not signing their paper, we do not have to sign, my wife and I go to the bank several times a month, they shove their paper under our noses and we say we are not signing that, we still get the debt notes so since they still hand over the notes it must be voluntary although they don’t say that.

The first time we refused to sign their paperwork, the teller went to see the bank manager, the teller came back and paid us. I have to say that I did inform their CEO via a few emails that I believe they securitise their customers signatures without consent and without full disclosure of what they’re doing, they replied by saying they do not do anything illegal (probably correct) but its not lawful to carry out anything without your consent and without full disclosure? and in any case, where’s my cut, after all it was my signature, in the end I told them I would not sign any of their paper. The tellers ask us everytime and everytime we say we are not signing any of their paper. When you go to an ATM, do you have to sign? so why sign when you have to actually have to go inside to draw YOUR debt notes, makes no sense.

I sent an email (link below) to Vital Statistics on 3rd of April asking a number of questions, I never received a reply. 


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