Further to my post below – 10 QUESTIONS THE BANKS WILL NOT ANSWER.

arte Blanche is researching a story on securitisation and banking. This is the most wonderful news our NPO could ever hope for.

To make this story as hard-hitting as possible, please help by doing any of the following:

Begin by asking your bank the attached 10 questions. (For a list of bank email addresses, click here).

  1. Did you receive a response? If their response was not good enough, did you follow up?
  2. Has the bank ever come back to you with a deal to settle your balance at a discount? For example, has the bank offered to bring down your loan by 20%, or 50%? Was this before or after you asked them the 10 questions?
  3. Have you ever received a letter from an attorney threatening take your home or car away due to non-payment? Please read that letter carefully – does the letter mention any other strange third party organisation other than the bank itself?
  4. If the bank did not respond to your 10 questions, did they mysteriously stop any collections processes against you?
  5. Has the bank ever “lost” your documents or had them burned up in a fire? If yes, please send us their letter confirming this.
  6. Finally, if you have time, please complete our “Big Banking survey” here.

Kindly respond to this email with the banks response (if any), or email admin@newera.org.za.


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