New Economic Rights Alliance – Letter to Minister of Constitutional Development

We have received complaints from our Members that Judges and Magistrates are not adhering to the rule of law. As such, the NewERA wrote a brief letter to the Minister of Constitutional Development last week, asking him to intervene. You can read the letter here.

Also last week, The NewERA was asked to comment on the upcoming Legal Practice Bill. This legislation seeks to regulate the way that lawyers operate. We were the only consumer group that commented on the bill, which deeply effects every South African. To read our comments (very brief and to the point), please click here.

As you know, The New Economic Rights Alliance is suing the banks (see We are asking for a full investigation into the method that banks make money out of nothing, charge interest on that money (which society could never fully pay back), and then unlawfully foreclose on homes and assets due to the widespread practice of securitisation. If you wish to add your weight to our court case, you have until this Friday the 10th of August to submit your online form.

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