Rod Class – EJ’s Torts And Title 42 Action Webinars

EJ’s Torts And Title 42 Action Webinars
Pushed Up To Thurs, July 19 at 9:00 PM EST !

Due to overwhelming response the start date had to be pushed ahead !
Time was/is needed to make set-up arrangements for Webinar attendees.

“The Power of the Pen” by EJ

Taught by EJ, as heard on the AIB Calls and Seminars. EJ has been perfecting
Title 42 Actions for years and will lead you through this technique. You’ll be able
to find out if you have a possible Tort Action and how to file one.

“A person who suffers a tortious injury is entitled to receive compensation for
“damages”, usually monetary, from the person or people responsible — or liable
— for those injuries.” Quoting from …for basic info.

These Webinars will help you to learn what you can do to file these actions…
And, to learn the techniques required. Webinars utilize your computer as a teaching
tool. You can learn at your own speed and watch the presentations and view the
documents over and over to help you understand and actually USE these techniques !
It’s like attending a private Seminar in your own home !

Contact Rudi Thomas at

Please put “EJ Torts and Title 42 Action Webinar” in the subject line !

And, CONTACT Rudi as soon as possible because you need to go
through some set-up to participate
…So, Do Not wait until the last minute !

EJ’s Torts And Title 42 Action Webinars Start on Thurs, July 19 at 9:00 PM EST !

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